Foodie Romance Books That Will Make Your Mouth Water

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Romance Books For Foodies!

The word foodie is sometimes thought of as pretentious. I like to think of it more as people who are genuinely passionate about food rather than just people who enjoy eating.

Food mixes surprisingly well with romance books, and I'm a big fan of foodie romance novels! I love reading romances featuring characters who are chefs, food critics, going to culinary school, or otherwise involved in food. What's better than people falling in love over their shared love of food?

There tend to a few popular careers romance use in their books (doctors, cops, writers, artists), and while chefs or other people in the food industry are pretty common, I still get enough of them. It's always a huge draw for me! I hope you enjoy foodie romance novels as much as I do because I found some really great ones you need to check out ASAP!

1. Cooking Up Love by Candace Shaw


Food critic meets chef in Candace Shaw's Cooking Up Love. Struggling with the decision to continue her medical career, Shelbi Arrington takes a job as a food critic. That's how she meets Chef Justin Richardson, a man whose grown weary of doctors after his mother died from medical negligence. His restaurant was a dream he and his mom shared and he wants it to be the best it can. Things start heating up between Justin and a certain food critic, so it cuts him when he learns who she really is.

Get Cooking Up Love here.

2. Lush by Lauren Dane


Mary Whaley is a busy woman with her successful catering business and a supper club. She's content with her life, or thought she was until she met rock star Damien Hurley at a friend's engagement party. Damien and brothers stated the band when they were just out of high school. Now Damien's a man with a reputation both on and off stage, but things with Mary feel right and Damien doesn't get why Mary isn't interested in more.

Get Lush here.

3. Yes, Chef by Linda Verji


Chef Greyson Teller would be lying if he said he wasn't taken with Snow Harrison the very first time he saw her, marching up to him and asking for a job. Now that she's off with on-again-off-again boyfriend, Greyson figures now may be his one chance to tell Snow how he really feels. "It's about to get hot in the kitchen."

Get Yes, Chef here.

4. Playing with Fire by Lesley Davis


Ever since she opened it, Takira Lathan has dedicated her all to her restaurant. Things start to go downhill when money begins going missing and her restaurant manager does too. And then there's her young nephew who she never expected to have to raise. Dante Groves is poised to become Takira's salvation. She's a great manager and turns out to be awesome with kids. But Dante is still dealing with a lot of baggage from a past relationship and isn't keen on opening herself up again.

Get Playing with Fire here.

5. Dine With Me by Layla Reyne


Miller Sykes was a award-winning chef, but that all changed when he received a diagnosis that would change his life: he was sick and losing his sense of taste. He decides he wants to tour the country and eat all his favorite meals before that happens. He just needs the financial baking and doesn't want anyone knowing he's sick. Dr. Clancy Rhodes is leaving oncology to begin at his father's successful plastic surgery practice. When he gets the chance to eat his way across the country with a hot chef, he takes it.

Dine With Me will be released September 16, 2019.

6. French Quarter Kisses by Zuri Day


A chef with his own TV show, Pierre LeBlanc is finally going home to New Orleans to open a restaurant. It's been ten years since he was displaced because of Hurricane Katrina and lost everything he knew. Journalist Rosalyn "Roz" Arnaud is doing a series on Katrina survivors, which Pierre agrees to be take part in. But what begins as an assignment doesn't stay that way for long once feelings get involved.

Get French Quarter Kisses here.

7. American Dreamer by Adriana Herrera


Nesto Vasquez knows moving his Afro-Caribbean food truck from New York City to Ithaca is a risk, but it's one he's willing to take. If it doesn't pan out in the next six months, however, he'll have to return to a job he loathes. Jude Fuller likes the quiet little life, his job, and his friends. But he's lonely. Then he ventures out to "Ithaca's most-talked-about new lunch spot" and falls head over heals for the owner. Nesto and Jude have a real shot together, but Nesto will need to rethink his ideas of success and Jude will need to put his past behind him.

Get American Dreamer here.

8. Cooking Up Love by Amylynn Bright


Holly Darcy runs The Cover Connoisseur, critiquing the food of restaurants she visits. But she feels like a fraud because she can't even boil a pot of water. She signs up for a beginners cooking class and has instant chemistry with Mark Bennett, the instructor. The Covert Connoisseur destroyed once shattered Mark to the point that he only teaches cooking classes. Things are going well between Holly and Mark, but then she hears him blame the failure of her restaurant on The Covert Connoisseur and she isn't sure what to do. But secrets have a way of coming out.

Get Cooking Up Love here.

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