Celebrate Easter with Some Beautiful Famous Poems About the Holiday

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Easter Poems

In just a few days, it will be Easter! That means warmer weather, visiting family, fun activities like Easter egg hunts, and, if your family is religious, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. To help you celebrate Easter this year, we've found some beautiful Easter poetry you're going to love!

Easter is a beloved holiday by many. For some people, it's their favorite holiday! And why not? It's a wonderful time of year, especially after a long winter in certain parts of the world. The Easter poems we found encompass many of these feelings you're having about this time of year and may be just what you need to kick off a wonderful Easter dinner with your friends and family.

Read through these lovely and inspiring Easter poems as you prepare for the upcoming holiday!

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1. Beneath the Cross of Jesus by Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane

Beneath the cross of Jesus

I fain would take my stand,

The shadow of a mighty rock

Within a weary land;

A home within the wilderness,

A rest upon the way,

From the burning of the noontide heat,

And the burden of the day.

Upon that cross of Jesus

Mine eye at times can see

The very dying form of One

Who suffered there for me;

And from my stricken heart with tears

Two wonders I confess:

The wonders of redeeming love

And my unworthiness.

I take, O cross, thy shadow

For my abiding place;

I ask no other sunshine than

The sunshine of his face;

Content to let the world go by,

To know no gain nor loss,

My sinful self my only shame,

My glory all the cross.

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2. Hail the Day that Sees Christ Rise by Thomas Cotterill

Hail the day that sees Christ rise,

To the throne in paradise;

Christ the Lamb for sinners given,

Enters now the highest heaven.

Christ, for you high triumph waits,

Lift your heads, eternal gates;

You have conquered death and sin:

Enter, Sovereign, enter in.

See the nail marked hands above,

Signs of God's redeeming love;

Hark, Christ's words our hearts assure,

"I will send a Comforter!"

Christ, for us still intercede;

By your suffering for us plead;

Near yourself prepare a place,

As the fìrst fruits of God's grace.

Now, though parted from our sight,

In the depths of starry night,

May God raise us up again,

Heirs of your eternal reign.

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3. Easter Day by Evaleen Stein

Christ the Lord is risen to-day!

Angels rolled the stone away

From the tomb wherein He lay!

Little children, come and sing,

"Glory, glory to the King,

Christ the Lord of everything!"

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4. Easter Day by Oscar Wilde

"Priest-like, he wore a robe more white than foam,

And, king-like, swathed himself in royal red,

Three crowns of gold rose high upon his head

In splendour and in light the Pope passed home."

Read the rest of the poem here.

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5. The Head that Once was Crowned with Thorns by Thomas Kelly

The Head that once was crowned with thorns

Is crowned with glory now;

A royal diadem adorns

The mighty Victor's brow.

The highest place that heaven affords

Is His, is His by right,

The King of kings and Lord of lords,

And heaven's eternal Light;

The Joy of all who dwell above,

The Joy of all below

To whom He manifests His love

And grants His name to know.

To them the cross, with all its shame,

With all its grace, is given;

Their name an everlasting name,

Their joy the joy of heaven.

They suffer with their Lord below,

They reign with Him above,

Their profit and their joy to know

The mystery of His love.

The cross He bore is life and health,

Though shame and death to Him:

His people's hope, His people's wealth,

Their everlasting theme.

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6. Easter Feeling by Unknown

The Easter feeling does not end.

It signals a new beginning,

Of nature, spring, and brand new life,

And friendship, peace, and giving.

The spirit of Easter is all about

Hope, love, and joyful living.

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7. The Day of Resurrection by John of Damascus

The day of resurrection!

Earth, tell it out abroad;

The passover of gladness,

The passover of God.

From death to life eternal,

From earth unto the sky,

Our Christ hath brought us over,

With hymns of victory.

Our hearts be pure from evil,

That we may see aright

The Lord in rays eternal

Of resurrection light;

And listening to his accents,

May hear, so calm and plain,

His own "All hail!" and, hearing,

May raise the victor strain.

Now let the heavens be joyful!

Let earth the song begin!

Let the round world keep triumph,

And all that is therein!

Let all things seen and unseen

Their notes in gladness blend,

For Christ the Lord hath risen,

Our joy that hath no end.

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