32 HerseyPark Instagram Captions

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The best HersheyPark Instagram captions!


32 Herseypark Instagram Captions

Is going to Hersheypark on your to-do list this summer? It should be! We've taken the liberty of making your trip to Hersheypark just a little bit more fun by creating a list of Hersheypark Instagram captions!

Honestly, Milton Hershey's greatest creation wasn't the numerous varieties of candy he created in his lifetime, but the chocolate theme park, Hersheypark. The park opened in 1906 and has more than 3 million people visiting 14 roller coasters, 16 water rides, along with the 49 other rides in the park. Hersheypark is favorite for vacationing families and groups of friends!

When you head to Hersheypark this summer, do so with a plan to have a lot of fun and a few ideas for captioning your Instagram photos from Hersheypark!


• You definitely don't have to be a kid to enjoy going to Hersheypark!

• I'm probably going to cry if Hersheypark doesn't remind me at least a little bit like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

• "Give them quality. That's the best kind of advertising in the world." -Milton Hershey

• Tidal Force and the rest of the water rides are the best!

• Can't wait to go to Chocolate World and finally reach my true chocoholic potential!

• There are 13 roller coasters calling my name!

• Love the Cocoa Cruiser! It's definitely my favorite roller coaster!

• Will anyone judge me if I only eat chocolate during my trip?


• Is it bad that I think I want to visit Hersheypark more than my kids do?

• Breakers Edge and Whitecap Racer will be opening soon!

• I'm excited to introduce my kids to ZooAmerica just like my parents used to do.

• SooperDooperLooper Sandwich Stop, say that 10 times fast.

• I can't wait to try the Hershey Triple Tower!

• Meet me under the Boardwalk!

• Kissing Tower Hill is, hands down, the best part of the park!

• I'm going to wear my new Hershey shirt every single day!


• The Hollow just sounds epic. Can't wait to check it out to confirm!

• So many amazing Christmas-y attractions at Hersheypark. Which is perfect because I love the holiday season.

• I love that the height chart is named after candy.

• Should I go on Fahrenheit or Great Bear first?

• The SooperDooperLooper is my favorite coaster. Because it's fun to ride, but mostly because its name is awesome.

• The Fender Bender at Hersheypark is so much better than the fender bender I got into last year.

• My little sister looks so adorable riding the Dino-Go-Round!

• Call me old fashioned, but I love a good Ferris Wheel.


• Going to get my brain scrambled on the Scrambler.

• Heading to Wave Swinger. Used to ride it all the time as a kid!

• The Wildcat is honestly the best coaster in the world.

• Do you think the chocolate mascots hate their job as much as I hate mine?

• Everyone I know is getting a chocolate-themed souvenir when I come back from Hersheypark.

• So is okay to hide somewhere in the park until it closes and then run around at night?

• Can't wait to wear my cowgirl hat into the Pioneer Frontier.

• How am I supposed to go back to normal life after spending a week surrounded by chocolate and candy themed things?