How to See Who Saves Your Pictures on Instagram | 2018


How to See Who Saves Your Pictures on Instagram | 2018

Instagram remains one of the most most popular social media apps out there due to its simplicity, ease of use, and constant updated features. But can you see who saves your pictures on Instagram?

Is that among Instagram's many features? This article will get to the bottom of if for you!

First released in 2010, Instagram was the first big social media site that relied solely on pictures. Sure, other big sites like Facebook and Twitter used pictures, but they're also text-based, even more so than photo-based. Instagram was a unique experience with filters that allowed people to style their photo for whatever look they were going for.

Since then, other sites have caught on, but that doesn't mean Instagram has stalled with their features. They've introduced Stories and now allow users to save other people's posts.

That brings us back to the question of whether or not you can see who saves your pictures on Instagram. Read on to find out!

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Can You See Who Saves Your Photos?

Not too long ago, Instagram rolled out a feature that allows you to save other people's posts to a collection that you can access on your profile page. This allows you to view other folks' posts that you really like or wish to revisit later.

You can even categorize them however you want, like into cute kittens, awesome boots, feminist quotes, or anything else that inspires you.

Can people see if you save their photo this way? According to Instagram, no they cannot. Y

our saves folder on your profile is only visible to you, so anyone that goes to your profile won't even be able to see it! The downside, presumably, is that you won't know if anyone saves your photos either.

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Can You See Who Saves Your Stories or DMs?

Earlier this year, Instagram had people freaking out when they tested a feature that notified people whenever someone took a screenshot of their Instagram stories.

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Thankfully, they changed their minds after the public outcry.

A spokesperson stated, "We are pausing this test as we continue to iterate and understand what will provide the best Instagram experience for our community."


So what about DMs? Turns out that if you screenshot a disappearing DM, it will send a notification. So try to be careful about what you're sending and to whom!