How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram

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Find out how to see who viewed your Instagram account!

How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram

Let's face it: Instagram, if it isn't the most popular social media apps in the world, is still one of the most popular. If you have an Instagram account, you might wonder how you can see who has viewed your Instagram account. With increasing worries about online security and cyberstalking, it's good to know if there is someone looking at your account all the time, someone that would not have cause to like a close friend, sibling, or significant other.

People are very visual creatures and Instagram as a social media app is built upon that notion. People love scrolling through Instagram, looking at cute cats and the latest pictures posted by their friends. However, like all social media accounts on the internet, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself.

We will teach you how to find out who is looking at your Instagram account and what you can do about it if they're someone you'd rather not have access to your account.

Is It Possible To Tell Who Has Viewed Your Instagram Account?

Instagram is a social media app with a ton of features. A Snapchat-like feature called Stories allows you to post disappearing content, business accounts make the app so much easier for small business owners, and the tagging system connects you to the type of content you want to see. With all the awesome innovations, is there a way to see who is viewing your Instagram account?

As far as Instagram itself is concerned, no, there isn't a way to see who is spending time on your profile unless they like or comment on your content. You can see who views your Instagram Stories, but not your photos. Even a business account will only give you demographics of someone, but they won't give you a name. If they're just snooping, then you'd have no way of knowing who they are.

However, outside of Instagram, there is a way to find out who has been creeping on your profile. That's where apps like Instamutual and Instaview come in. They are third party apps available for download and will tell you who has been snooping on your account.

What Can You Do To Prevent Someone From Looking At Your Account

Sometimes knowing who is looking at your Instagram profile isn't enough and you have to be proactive about preventing them from further creeping in the future. One option is to block their account. As long as they're logged in to their account, they won't be able to see yours. However, all they have to do is log out of their account or create a new one, and they'll be able to see your account again. That doesn't really solve your problem.

In addition to blocking their account, the best plan of action is to set your account to private. With your cyberstalker's account blocked and your profile on private, they will no longer be able to see anything your post. Just make sure you only accept follows from people you know. Otherwise, it is possible for it to be your cyberstalker simply using a new account with stolen pictures.

Don't be afraid to protect yourself and put yourself first!