How to See Who Views Your Venmo | 2018

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Find out how to see who views your Venmo in 2018.

How to See Who Views Your Venmo | 2018

The app, Venmo, is essentially the new PayPal (which is ironic because it's owned by PayPal). So it is no wonder that you would want to know how to see who views your Venmo account. Also, is it even possible? We will dig into that and let you know!

Venmo was first released 9 years ago, but hasn't gained popularity until fairly recently. The app bounced around to a few different companies until it finally found its home at PayPal at the end of 2013.

The reason people like Venmo so much compared to other mobile payment apps is the social aspect of it. The app has social media feeds that is similar to other social media, including a public feed, a friends feed, and a private feed.

Users can also friend other people that use the app, and friends can comment on the various transactions. Venmo actually encourages users to use jokes and emojis on the transactions.

The app has come a long way since it was first conceived, but has it come far enough that it can allow you to see who has seen your Venmo? And is it even possible to do so? Read on to find out!

How Can I See Who Views My Venmo?

As a mobile payment app, Venmo has a lot of awesome features, but is being able see who views your Venmo account, transactions, and more among its awesome features?

Our research points to no, there isn't a way to see who views your Venmo. Now, this is just an assumption because there isn't really any official information out there to state one way or the other, which leads us to believe that it isn't possible to see who views your Venmo.

Short of using a third party app, most other social media apps don't have this feature either and users don't know who is viewing their page unless someone likes their content or follows them.

Stop People from Seeing Your Venmo Transactions

On the other hand, if you don't want people to follow your Venmo transactions, all you have to do is adjust the privacy settings on your transactions. This article on Venmo's site describes how to change the settings on payment transactions, including individual transactions, all transactions, and past transactions.

Essentially, you can choose to either set the privacy setting for an individual payment or change your default privacy setting.

To change the privacy setting on a single pay or request on Venmo, you can tap the privacy setting option. You will see a "Who can see this?" screen pop up, and select "Private."

If you want to change your default privacy settings to private, you can go to "Settings" and click "Privacy". Select your default privacy setting, and you're all done.