8 Amazing LGBT Podcasts To Check Out If You Love To Learn

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Some great LGBT podcasts to listen to in your spare time!

The Best LGBT Podcasts

What makes podcasts so great is how accessible they are! There's a podcast for nearly everything you can think of and, for big things like LGBT activism, culture, and people, there are tons of podcasts available for you to listen to!

We've created a list of some of the best LGBT podcasts covering a wide range of topics, including history, pop culture, lifestyle, and more!

Unfortunately, there are too many good LGBT podcasts for us to include all of them on the list. Did your favorite make it on the list? Which ones did we miss? Let us know!

1. History is Gay

via History is Gay

"Because history has never been as straight as you think." History is Gay is a twice monthly podcast hosted by Gretchen and Leigh in which "two queer nerds use their passion for social justice, history, and storytelling to examine the overlooked and underappreciated queer ladies, gents, and gentle-enbies from the unexplored corners of history." Past episodes have included tales of gay ghosts, three genders in ancient Egypt, and queer pirates.

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2. Transition Transmission

via Transition Transmission

Around since 2012, Transition Transmission is a podcast and news source for transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming people. Dubbed the Transgender Trio, the podcast is hosted by Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby, and Ramona Knotts. Though the podcast doesn't update as often as it used to, it remains an incredible resource for trans people.

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3. Nancy

via WNYC Studios

Hosted by Tobin Low and Kathy Tu, Nancy is a podcast that encompasses the queer life. WNYC Studios describes it as "a podcast about how we define ourselves, and the journey it takes to get there," which, after listening to recent episodes about the first queer woman in congress and Matthew Shepard, and, feels pretty accurate.

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4. Food 4 Thot

via Food 4 Thot

Dennis, Fran, Joe, and Tommy bring you Food 4 Thot, the round-table podcast that is "a recipe from all their brains" in which they discuss "everything at the intersection of queerness and brownness...combining the best of literary intellect with absolute trash." Basically, it's like The View, but way, way better!

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5. QUEERY with Cameron Esposito

via Queery

Queery is brought to you by standup comic Cameron Esposito and each hour long episode features an interview with someone with the LGBT community, covering nearly every topic under the sun. Queery is described as exploring stories of individual identity, "personality, and the shifting cultural matrix around gender, sexuality and civil rights."

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6. Femme, Collectively

via Femme, Collectively

A podcast intended to a create space for queer femmes, Femme, Collectively is hosted by Corinne Kai and Rahel Neirene. Together, Corinne and Rahel interview femme identified folks and discuss the "intersections of gender, sexuality, emotional labor, sex, healing, and energy." Past episodes include "Queer Mama Earth," "Femme Is Punk Rock," and "Building Femme Community."

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7. Harold, They're Lesbians

via Harold, They're Lesbians

Named after a Tumblr post gone viral, Harold, They're Lesbians is a fun pop culture podcast all about your favorite lesbian and bisexual characters on TV. Hosted by partners Erica and Nikki, cover fan-favorite shows like The Bold Type, Killing Eve, Wynona Earp, and Black Lightning.

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8. Naked & Inside Out

via Naked Inside & Out

Although Naked Inside & Out isn't currently releasing new episodes, there are still around 40 past episodes to listen to and they're fantastic! A lifestyle podcast, Naked Inside & Out interviews members of the LGBT community, talking about "their personal journeys, risks, careers paths and coming out experiences."

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