16 Poetry Books To Read If You Loved Rupi Kaur's Milk And Honey

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Discover 16 wonderful poetry books to add to your collections!

Books To Read If You Love Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey

When Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey hit shelves, it was an instant success. It isn't surprising considering Kaur's words already resonated with readers on Instagram. Four years after its release, it's still a best seller on Amazon.

There are many modern poetry books like Milk and Honey that fans of her work will love. The writers we selected for this list don't hold back and tackle everything from depression and other mental illnesses, sexual assault, racism, homophobia, sexism, along with more traditional topics like love, heartbreak, and grief. It's truly amazing everything they're able to express through just a few lines of poetry, all the feeling the poets are able to emote and pass on to the reader.

While each work of poetry is unique from the next, readers who enjoyed Milk and Honey will also enjoy these 16 poetry collections, one of which is Kaur's second book. The remaining fifteen books are by authors whose work you will fall in love with!

1. The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

i reached for the last bouquet of flowers

you gave me

now wilting in their vase




i popped their heads off

and ate them

Get The Sun and Her Flowers here.

2. Magic with Skin On by Morgan Nikola-Wren

it's been regret like a

crutch all year

so give me adventure that writes

it's way through my story like

a lover, a boy with a body

made of all my favorite

landscapes sewn together

--excerpt from "Act One"

Get Magic with Skin On here.

3. I Saw You as a Flower by Ellen Allbrey Everett

you thought

that once you had me

i was a permanent fixture--

a plant that did not need

watering or sunlight

to grow and thrive.

so you left me

in the darkness to wilt

and you ask where i went

--excerpt from "a time to wither"

Get I Saw You As a Flower here.

4. Pillow Talk by Courtney Peppernell

I tried to stop loving you

so I built walls around my heart

and found other names

to whisper in the night.

But you carved yourself into my veins

whether you meant to or not.

And sometimes I wonder

if you remember the way we looked at each other

or maybe you just forgot.

--excerpt from "If you are heartbroken"

Get Pillow Talk here.

5. Empty Bottles Full of Stories by r.h. Sin and Robert M. Drake

Please believe,

that somewhere in me,

there is a love song

and it is the kind

you listen to

while driving

back home.

Get Empty Bottles Full of Stories here.

6. Mariposa by Kim Guerra

Hold yourself

Like a flower.

Be in awe

Of your own beauty

The time you've taken to grow

The healing power

Held within your color

The sweet aroma of

A being determined

To bloom.

Get Mariposa here.

7. Sincerely, by f.s. yousaf

There have been numerous fights,

Some of which have left us torn

And thinking of our end.

But love is not love

Without trials that test endurance.

What would we be if we were to quit

At the worst of moments?

--from "Stamina"

Get Sincerely, here.

8. yesterday i was the moon by Noor Unnahar

when you've heard the

heartbreak coming

do not close the door

invite it in

make it a big warm mug

of your favorite tea

ask why it came

and ask how would it like

to leave

--excerpt from "heartbreak"

Get yesterday i was the moon here.

9. Flux by Orion Carloto

We spent our summer

forgetting one another's


but as winter

rolled around,

we were only reminded

of the warmed we shared

in each other's arms.

--from "An Affair with Uninvited Feelings"

Get Flux here.

10. In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive by Clemintine von Radics

Back home, a tree branch

crashed through my mother's window.

and isn't that how

it always goes?

You spend years building a home

just to watch it destroyed in seconds.

--excerpt from "Storm."

Get *In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive.

11. Sunflower Soul by Distinee Gayle

two seeds,

planted in the same soil,

exposed to the same environment,

all of the same conditions, identical...

yet we sprouted in different directions.

myself, i aimed towards the sun,

but you lagged behind in the dirt,

our roots remained connected,

but our souls never further apart.

--from "growing pains"

Get *Sunflower Soul" here.

12. Unfolding by Jenai Charles

there are some parts of you

that have not healed

pay attention to them

handle them with love

Get Unfolding here.

13. Autopsy by Donte Collins

why does heat make the body confess what it will not do otherwise?

drunk on july & nerve you rip handfuls of color from along the fence

thorns like brief alarms warning your fevered temper of what blood

will soon stain your teeth. never. ruin. your. mother's. new. plants.

--excerpt from "The Orphan Performs and Autopsy on the Garden"

Get Autopsy here.

14. in the absence of sun by emily curtis

Here's to the women who

come home each day,

unbutton the grief, shrug

it off their shoulders and

try to forget it for a while

before they are forced to

wake up and press repeat

Get in the absence of sun here.

15. Please Don't Go Before I Get Better by Madisen Kuhn

i am so accustomed to

stomach drops and aching chests

i don't know what to do with this feeling

like the world is not ending

like i have hope in all outcomes

like i can flip a coin and walk away

before it hits the ground

Get Please Don't Go Before I Get Better here.

16. The Wild Keeps Her Holy

I don't know

the exact moment

my heart

stopped beating

for you


turned it's allegiance

to me--

but I do know

survival was

deeply involved

in the process

of it all.

Get The Wild Keeps Her Holy here.

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