Unknown Poets That Deserve Praise and Recognition

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Incredible Unknown Poets

Established in 1996, April is National Poetry Month, a time for poetry lovers to read, write, and celebrate a genre that has had a huge impact on both literature and society.

At Women.com, we're celebrating National Poetry Month by honoring lesser known and unknown poets who all deserve far more recognition from the public than they get. There are hundreds of wonderful poets out there, passionate about literate and writing incredible work. It was truly difficult to narrow this list down to just a few poets when there are so many who deserve a place on this (a followup may be in order in the future).

However, the lesser known and poets unknown to the public each earned their place on the list through their evocative work, and we're proud to include them. If you enjoy their work, please support them by buying their book if you have the money to do so, or telling a friend about them. It will mean more than you know!

1. Bhanu Kapil

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"Exhausted, you lay your head on the kitchen table and said: 'But what's the difference between a monster and a cyborg? I need something to eat. Do you have any chocolate?' Opening the fridge, I said quietly and perhaps too seriously, trying to impress you: 'The monster is that being who refuses to adapt to her circumstances.' Her fate. Her body. Great Britain."

--from Wish (2)

2. Phillip B. Williams

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"Some minds are groomed for defiance. The youngest

calls out his territory with muscular vowels

where street light spills peculiar, his hand

a chorus of heat and recoil."

--from "Vision in Which the Final Blackbird Disappears"

3. Blythe Baird

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Years later, I am seventeen. Half daughter,

half apology, all fire and the wrong kind of love.

When my mother asks if I am gay, I tell her I am


--from "The Way I Was Taught to Love"

4. Christopher Soto (aka Loma)

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When it's dinnertime in heaven [& your officer's knocking]

Ignore him sister— let the door bruise.

[Let the bears devour our enemies]. We have no obligation

To open // ourselves // for those who do us harm.

--from "[Somewhere in Los Angeles] This Poem Is Needed"

5. Jenny Xie

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Can this solitude be rootless, unhooked from the ground?

No matter. The mind resides both inside and out.

It can think itself and think itself into existence.

--from "Rootless"

6. Cynthia Cruz

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The world. Their faces. I wanted not

That. I wanted Saint Francis, the love of

His animals. The wolf, broken and bleeding—

That was me.

--from "Self Portrait"

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