19 Police Officer Instagram Captions for Your Cop Costumes

Cop costume Instagram captions, Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine holding Cagney and Lacey as they are dressed like cops, culture
Brooklyn Nine-Nine via NBC

You'll find these cop costume Instagram captions quite arresting!

The Best Cop Costume Instagram Captions

Police costumes remain popular Halloween costumes every year, which is why we've compiled a list of 19 cop costume Instagram captions that are perfect for you to use if you decide to carry a badge this Halloween. Be sure to share your fun new photos on Instagram and remember to have a blast!

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Great Instagram Captions for Cop Costume Selfies

• Let's play cops and robbers!

• Hands in the air!

• Will accept free donuts.

• This is the police!

• I left my badge in my other uniform.

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Clever Police Costume Instagram Captions With Friends

• You're under arrest!

• Bad cop, no donut.

• What 'cha gonna do when I come for you?

• Don't forget to wear your seatbelt

• If they let prisoners take their own mugshots, they'd call them cellfies.

Good Instagram Captions for Cop Costumes

• If a cop pulls over a UHaul, are they trying to bust a move?

• The mind is the only weapon that doesn't need a holster.

• If the Energizer Bunny got arrested, he'd get charged with battery.

• What is copper nitrate? Overtime for policemen.

Witty & Clever Cop Costume Instagram Captions

• If you have a dog in your car, I'm definitely pulling over to pet him.

• I scream, you scream, the police come, and now it's awkward.

• When you call shotgun and the cops put you in the back anyway.

• Stop in the name of the law!

• You have the right to have a Happy Halloween!