15 Instagram Captions to Celebrate Virgos

Virgo Instagram Caption, a tattooed Asian woman with long hair sits sideways and wears a black and white dress
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Virgos will love these fierce Instagram captions that are for whatever mood you're in!

The Best Virgo Instagram Captions

Lovers of astrology and Virgos alike will love these 15 Virgo Instagram captions we compiled for you! Not only will they allow you to embrace your inner earth maiden, but they'll also allow you to show the world (or at least all your Instagram followers) just what kind of person you are! There are plenty of fierce Virgos out there - think amazing singers like Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, and Amy Winehouse - so why not add your name to the list and check out a few of these amazing Virgo Instagram captions!

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Great Instagram Captions For Virgos

• Sarcasm isn't an attitude, it is an art.

• People think they can mess with Virgos because they're nice, but push us too far and you'll wish you hadn't.

• You can tell a Virgo is really hurt when they don't say anything at all.

• Don't be so quick to judge a Virgo because we only show you what we want you to see.

• Virgos are the perfect combo of worrywart and optimist. They overthink a problem and try to be positive about the situation.

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Fun Virgo Instagram Captions

• Staying positive doesn't mean things will turn out okay. It means you know you'll be okay.

• You should feel special if a Virgo chooses you because we have high standards.

• Virgos are talkative, but only around people we really trust.

• We don't want perfect, we want honest.

• Virgos make a habit of being two steps ahead rather than two steps behind.

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Clever Instagram Captions For Virgos

• A Virgo's biggest regret is stressing out over things they can't control.

• We would rather have a few genuine people in our lives than than a lot of friends we barely know.

• A Virgo would rather pretend everything is alright than burden someone else with their problems.

• Virgos always remember the little details.

• A Virgo will question anything that doesn't feel right to them.

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