When Will Outlander Season 4 Be On Amazon Prime?


When Will Outlander Season 4 Be On Amazon Prime?

Season 3 of Outlander ended in December and we have all been waiting for Outlander season 4 to begin ever since! While we bide our time until Fall 2018 when the 4th season of Outlander is slated to begin airing, we've tracked down some information for you on everyone's favorite historical time travel show, including when the new season will be on Amazon Prime. This handful of details on Outlander season 4 will hopefully help you survive Droughtlander relatively unscathed! Just remember that you aren't alone and that this wait between seasons will be relatively short compared to the last one!

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Will Outlander Season 4 Stream On Amazon Prime When It Airs On Starz?

While it is possible that something could change between now and the projected Fall 2018 release of Outlander season 4 and Amazon will get rid of Outlander (and basically shoot themselves in the foot), it isn't too likely the would do that given the show's popularity with fans. It seems almost a done deal that Amazon Prime will stream new episodes of Outlander season 4 like they have in the past. However, you'll need to subscribe to the Starz Amazon Channel to access it in addition to your regular Amazon Prime membership. The good news is that you can use your Starz Amazon Channel membership to access any of Starz's excellent shows, American Gods and Black Sails to name a few, in addition to older episode of Outlander! You are also able to cancel your Starz Amazon Channel membership at any time so you don't have to pay for it any longer than you can afford to.

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When Will Outlander Season 4 Be On Amazon Prime?

A release date for the 4th season of Outlander hasn't been released yet so it is hard to say when exactly it will be available to stream on Amazon Prime. Given that the most recent season is only available through the Starz Amazon Channel on Amazon Prime, we can safely assume that Outlander season 4 will be as well. The Starz Amazon Channel subscription is just $8.99 a month in addition to your payment for Amazon Prime. The good news is that the Starz channel comes with a free week long trail, perfect for letting you rewatch season 3 to your heart's content while waiting for Outlander season 4!

We know that the season will take place in America and that it follows book four of Diana Gabaldon's series, Drums of Autumn. Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) are finally reunited after 20 years apart, while Jamie finally gets to meet his daughter when she travels back in time to be with her parents.

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Other Places To Watch Outlander Season 4

You may be wondering where else will you'll be able to watch season 4 once it beings. It's a good question! We did a bit of digging for you and have come up with some answers. While Hulu and Netflix are the typical go-tos when we want to catch up on our favorite shows, but neither of them, unfortunately, have Outlander available for streaming, though Netflix does have the show available on DVD if that is part of your subscription. It may be a while before the 4th season is available on DVD though. Starz also has it's own streaming service available now for just $8.99 a month. The cost kicks in after a free trial that allows you to decide if you enjoy the service or not. You're also free to cancel at any time for any reason, and can stream or download episodes on either your computer, phone, or smart TV.

iTunes also has episodes available for download for $2.99 each $14.99 for each half season. Since season 3 of Outlander isn't on Vudu or Google Play yet, so it seems it may take a while for season 4 to be available on those platforms even after the season begins. For now, we have a brief teaser trailer to tide us over.

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Outlander season 4 will return Fall 2018 on Starz!