A Poignant Lesson For 6th Graders' Who Pose Topless Online

hillary duff

With social media, connecting with others is easier than ever.


Uncle Ben has said time and time again, "with great power, comes great responsibility." The ease of sharing information via web is coupled with great caution. What might be intended as a private message can go viral in a matter of minutes. What might be thought of as harmless can produce undesirable effects.


Melissa Bour, a sixth-grade science and math teacher from Emerson Elementary School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, noticed an awful trend in the young female generation – 12 year-old-girls sharing photos of themselves in bras or with their middle finger in the air.

Melissa posts an open letter to the social media community to raise awareness of this issue. The letter reads:

"My 12-year-old students think it is ‘no big deal' that they are posting pictures of themselves in bras or with their middle finger in the air. Please help me out by sharing this image and commenting with where you live to show these young students how quickly their images can get around."

The photo went viral in a matter of hours, reaching all 50 states including countries such as Australia, England and Saudi Arabia. The message was loud and clear for Peyton Piguet. She tells TODAY, "I'm not going to put any more photos on my Facebook and I'm not going to comment on anything that I like or dislike."


Melissa's post teaches us an important lesson. Online posts can spread like wildfire. More importantly, regardless of one's intention, what you post online can greatly affect others.

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