Quiz: Can You Identify These 16 U.S. Cities By Their Airport Abbreviation?

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How many time have you visited the airport this year?

If you're a frequent flyer, this quiz should be easy for you! If you love to travel, then you should take this quiz!

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How many countries have you been to? How about how many continents? Are you a frequent flyer? Do you have a passion for travel? Do you think you know the world? It's a pretty big place - are you sure? Well if you answered yes to all of the above questions then boy do we have the quiz for you! This quiz will test your knowledge on all sorts of travel trivia! With everything from country capitals to Pangea and continents! Do you what the capital of Germany is? Which is further south, Chile or South Africa? If you think you know all of the answers to these tough questions then we wrote this quiz for you! The world is big place but you know it all! North from south, east from west and everything in between! What is the largest ocean in the world? Are they all connected? What's the difference between a sea and an ocean anyways? Do seas have salt water? Well according to the master of knowledge: google, a sea is defined as "the expanse of salt water that covers most of the earth's surface and surrounds its landmasses," do you know what makes that different than an ocean? This quiz will test you knowledge on everything and anything that has to do with the world - so in the end, is that really a quiz on everything? Click through to find out and see how much of a genius you really are! Ready… set… on your marks… get set… go!

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