Who is MacKenzie Bezos? Jeff Bezo's Former Wife, The American Novelist

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MacKenzie Bezos Is Jeff Bezo's Wife And They Are Now The Richest Couple On Earth

If you don't use Amazon.com, just stop reading this article now. Just kidding! If you do use Amazon, then you may know Jeff Bezos, the CEO/Founder of Amazon of the online shopping juggernaut. But who is his better half? MacKenzie Tuttle Bezos is her name and she is just as fabulous as her very entrepreneurial husband.

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Mackenzie Bezos Divorce

Sadly, it has been announced that Mackenzie Bezos and Jeff Bezos are getting divorced. After 25 years together, the mega-rich couple have decided to call the marriage off, leaving four children and friends and family deeply saddened by the news.

"As our family and close friends know, after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends," the couple said in a statement, which Bezos, 54, shared Wednesday morning on Twitter.

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Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth

MacKenzie was raised in San Francisco, CA by a financial planner father and a homemaker mother. In 1988, she graduated from Hotchkiss School in Connecticut and later earned her bachelor's degree in English at Princeton University with highest honors in 1992. She also was a student under writer Toni Morrison, who said Bezos was "one of the best students I've ever had in my creative writing classes."

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MacKenzie has published two books, 2005's The Testing of Luther Albright and 2013's Traps.

Bezos & MacKenzie met while working alongside one another at NYC Hedge Fund D.E. Shaw. According to an earlier Vogue interview, MacKenzie said Bezos was the 1st person she interviewed with at Shaw. She asked him out to lunch one day and they were engaged three months later. She was only 23 years old when they married.

"My office was next door to his, and all day long I listened to that fabulous laugh," she told Vogue. "How could you not fall in love with that laugh?"

While Bezos was building Amazon, MacKenzie set to work on her first novel (The Testing of Luther Albright). Now that Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, ringing in with a net worth of US $137 billion (Jan 2019), we assume that Mackenzie Bezo's net worth is $68.5 Billion dollars. Yet up until 2013, the couple was so smart about money, Mackenzie drove Jeff to work in their Honda after dropping their four kids off at school.

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Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos Philanthropy

In June 2017, Jeff Bezos requested a very public ideation session on how he and Mackenzie will make the world a better place through charity. He posted "request for ideas" for his philanthropy. His focus for philanthropy was not a long term ideation but rather short term. He wrote, "I'm thinking I want much of my philanthropic strategy to be about helping people in the here and now—short term—at the intersection of urgent need and lasting impact."

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Bezos Seattle House

Located very close to Bill and Melinda Gates' home, Bezos home is 29,000 square feet spread over two buildings with 200 yards of shoreline. As you can see the waterfront property is equipped with a boat house, and you can see the house in the upper left corner of the picture.

And in creepy google fashion, here is Bezo's Address: Evergreen Point Road Medina, WA 98039

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MacKenzie Bezos Children

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos have 4 children, 3 sons and 1 daughter (adopted from China). The eldest son is Prezton who was born in 2000. Followed by two sons and then the daughter adopted from China being the youngest one. There don't seem to be any pictures online of their children. Smart.

Here is Jeff Bezo's one and only instagram post:

Manufacturing facility for the heavy-lift New Glenn launch vehicle is coming along nicely. #BlueOrigin #ReusableRockets #LaunchLandRepeat #GradatimFerociter A post shared by Jeff Bezos (@jeffbezos) on Jul 20, 2017 at 9:55am PDT

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Bezos Car, The Honda Accord

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More Great Pictures of a Young Mackenzie Bezos

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More Great Pictures of Mackenzie Bezos

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