13 Embarrassing Things Women Do When They’re Alone Together


No topic is off limits.

Women left to their own devices get up to wild things. No, not wild. Weird. We are, as a species, super effing weird. So I'm sorry to burst your bubbles, guys, but when women get together we don't have pillow fights and compare lingerie— a lot of what we do is hilarious and downright strange.

It's not really a surprise, because for a lot of us our female friendships will be the longest relationships we've had. Dating may come and go but a core group of female friends can last years and decades. They've seen you through everything, they know exactly how you are, and you're not scared to ask them anything. And that's an amazing thing, a really special bond and friendship. But it also means that stuff can get weird AF. Because there's nothing that you're scared to ask each other, nothing that you're too scared to do or say. And though things can get pretty crazy, you wouldn't have it any other way. They're your best friends for a reason, after all.

So if you want a look at what really happens when a bunch of women get together, here it is. Because it's nothing like in the movie— there are a lot fewer pillow fights and a lot more talk about ingrown hair removal.

Sorry/not sorry.

1. Talk About What We Should Eat


To be honest, that's about 50 percent of what we do.



... the other 50 percent is eating it.

3. Talk About Weird Body Stuff


Ingrown hairs, zits in weird places— it all happens. We often show them off up close and personal.

4. Compare Boobs


Yeah, sometimes it does happen. NIPPLES ARE ALL SO DIFFERENT AND STRANGE.

5. Pee With The Door Open


And talk the whole damn time it's happening. We also will walk in and out of the bathroom freely while someone is using it. That's just how live.

6. Tinder Together


We'll take over someone else phone and go to town.

7. Watch REALLY Bad TV


The Hills and Made in Chelsea may make an appearance.

8. Talk Politics


... I mean, it's not all embarrassing. We're educated, independent women after all.

9. Swap Sex Stories


If you have had sex with one woman all of her friends know every damn thing about it.

10. Walk Around Half Dressed


We just don't give any f*cks. Literally none.

11. Talk About Poop


See above. We really don't even care. And yes, we have been known to talk about our periods as well.

12. Drink Enough Wine To Sink The Titanic


Whoever says women can't hold their alcohol has never been to a girls night in.

13. Whatever The Eff We Want

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

No matter how gross it is, we'll go there. Like I said— they're your best friends for a reason.

I warned you it would be embarrassing. Because when women are alone together, there's nothing that's off limits. There's nothing that's too taboo or too gross to just jump right into. And you know what? It may be gross, it may be weird, but it's also absolutely the best.

Because you need those friends who can get real with, who you can ask anything. It's so important to have a safe space to say everything you've ever wanted and share anything that needs sharing. It's so much better than being embarrassed and wondering if it's just you. Because when you get alone with your girlfriends, it's clear that it's not just you. You're all in it together.

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