13 Things You Never Knew About Penises

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There's more to them than meets the eye. Though hopefully not literally.

For most of us, penises aren't some mystical, unknowable beast. It's a common joke that while women's anatomy is far more confusing (even though it's really not), there's no mystery to what makes a penis happy— literally any attention will get the job done.

That being said, there's still a lot to learn about penises that you probably didn't pick up your sex ed class, if you even have one. Though they're out there in the open in a way vaginas aren't, that doesn't mean we know all about them. There's still a whole system of nerves and varying anatomical aspects all working together to do everything a penis does.

Not only that, there are different cultural treatments of penises worldwide. While in America we think it's normal to give a little snip to boys as soon as they are born, that's not alway the case. And there are rare issues— in some cases really rare— that most of us will never encounter. Penises can be injured, there can be birth abnormalities— there's basically a whole lot more to learn about how a penis works and what can happen.

So if you feel like you didn't learn as much as you should have in sex ed, here's a glimpse at some penis facts you may have missed.

1. Doctors Can Grow Foreskins


They're used to treat burn victims and it requires the foreskins of circumsized babies. One baby foreskin can produce 23,000 square meters of foreskin skin.

2. Not Circumsizing Is The Norm


I know in America it seems like every guy is circumsized— but that's not the case around the world.

3. The Tip Of The Penis Is Packed With Nerve Endings


... but it's still not as sensitive as the clit, just saying.

4. Yes, They Can Break


A penis fragile— also called 'eggplant syndrome'— is a thing. And it's as awful as it sounds.

5. Every Penis Begins Its life As A Clitoris


Strange, but true. Once male hormones come into it it transforms into a penis.

6. The Longest Penis Was Over 13 Inches Long


13.5 inches in fact— and 6.25 inches around. Damn.

7. A Lot Of Babies Get An Erection When They're Born


What a way to greet the world.

8. Smoking Can Shorten Your Penis


By up to a centimeter. If that's not a reason to quite, I don't know what is.

9. The Average Male Orgasm Lasts Six Seconds


Sorry dudes, but women get 23 seconds of bliss on average.

10. About 100 Men Worldwide Have Two Pensies


That's right. It's a condition called diphallus and it's really rare, but it happens.

11. There Can Be Erections After Death


Especially if the death is through hanging... and some people call it angel lust, which is just creepy.

12. You Can Give Yourself A Foreskin Again


With the help of doctors and a lot of dedication.

13. 1 In 400 Men Can Give Themselves A Blowjob


Speaking of determination... and a ridiculous amount of flexibility.

Some pretty surprising stuff to learn, right? The two penises issue was definitely news to me. And who knew that scientists could grow meters and meters of foreskin in a lab? Science is amazing, but also terrifying. One thing is for sure though, there's way more to pensises than meets the eye.

So don't think that because a lot of penises are turned on by basically everything that their anatomy is that straightforward— there are a lot of complexities that we didn't even know about. Why weren't we learning this fun stuff in sex ed? Why were there so many birthing videos? Where was the practical advice? I still have a lot of questions.

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