14 Too Real Things Only Tall Women Will Understand

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The view's way better up here.

Being tall has its ups and downs— literally. Though some people look at you like you're a giant, you actually wouldn't change it for anything.

Here are 14 things you're bound to understand if you're a tall woman:

1. At One Point You Weren't This Tall


It all started out normal, you were exactly the same height as every other girl. Short, even.

2. But One Day It *All* Changed


It basically happened overnight. You woke up one day and you were 8 feet taller.

3. "Yes, Yes, I Know I'm Really Tall."


You will repeat this at least 6 times a day.

4. The Clothes Shopping Nightmare

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How many times have you found the perfect shirt and realized your belly button shows? Or jeans that stop 4 inches above you ankle?

5. And Realizing How Few Stores Carry "Tall"


And almost all of them are just for work pants. How many work pants does one women need?!

6. The Debate About What Shoes To Wear On Dates


Heels look nicer, but.... but... what if he's short?

7. And Always Choosing Wrong


They are always, always short. If you wear heels, it's a guarantee.

8. Being Called 'Sir'


Thanks for that.

9. Knowing When Guys Are Lying About Their Height


You may be able to fool a girl who's 5'4'', but there's no way you're six feet. You're not fooling me.

10. When You Were Younger, You Just Wanted To Be Shorter


You went through a phase where you were desperate to fit in— and it really didn't seem fair.

11. But Now You Actually Love It


Long legs, clothes look great on you— what's not to love? You learned to own it.

12. Though Always Getting Asked To Reach Stuff Is Annoying


You friends, your boyfriend, people at the supermarket— nobody has any shame about asking you to reach. You're basically a human cherry picker for them.

13. And Nobody Seems To Understand How Tall You Actually Are


They assume you can reach shelves 9 feet off the ground. You're not an effing giant.

14. You'd Never Want To Change It


Sure, it may be inconvenient. But it's a part of you and you totally love it. If only you could go back and tell puberty-you that.

It may have taken some getting used to, but being tall is actually the best. So wear those high heels and never apologize.

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