17 Hilariously Inevitable Stages Of A Bachelorette Party

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The most fun, ridiculous, and messy night of your life.

Bachelorette parties are the best and worst nights of your life.

They show just how messy, fun, and crazy your friends really are. And how much you love them.

The booze. The dancing. Every. Single. Emotion. Here are the 17 hilariously inevitable stages of a bachelorette party:

1. The Misleading Classy Beginning


You totally got this, it's not going to be one of those parties.

2. When The First Drinks Kick In


Things start to take a real turn... and it all happens so fast.

3. And Shots Seem Like A Good Idea


OK, now it's really begun.

4. The Gifts Come Out


Cock rings for daysssss.

5. And One Of Them Is A Hilariously Inappropriate Game


Dicks ring toss? That you wear on your head? Sounds perfect.

6. And The Dressing Up Begins


The bride needs a crown and a veil and glitter and a garter and... literally any ridiculous sh*t you can find.

7. One Girl Peaks Way, Way Too Soon

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Come on, Karen. It's only 6 pm, how are you already vomiting?

8. A Bar Crawl/Scavenger Hunt/Drunk Train Of Horror Begins


This is never a good idea. Why does anyone think this is a good idea?

9. And The Group Chat Explodes


Because 4 girls have gone missing because of course they have. But nobody is in any state to explain where to go, so the messages continue.

10. The Bride Starts Emoting Everywhere


She's just so, so in love, you guys. Like so in love. You know? Guys?

11. And Everyone Else Decides To Hop On Board


Suddenly everyone is airing every friendship problem for the last ten years. Because this is definitely the right time.

12. You Decide To Dance It Off


Cue Single Ladies and everyone screaming on the dance floor.

13. The Girls You Lost Earlier Suddenly Show Up


Where the hell have they been? And how did they find everyone? You don't care, they're here now.

14. Everyone's Looks Are Suffering


Shoes are coming off, straps are down, mascara is everywhere. You don't care, you just keep dancing.

15. At *Least* Two Girls Having A Massive Heart-To-Heart In The Bathroom


They just really, really love each other.

16. Drunk Food Has To Happen


Nobody can get put away food like a group of drunk girls. It's time for pizza, fries, Indian, more pizza, and 43 bags of chips. The combinations are endless.

17. The Morning After


Sure, last night was messy. But the hangover together is the best part. Drinking all of the coconut water, eating brunch, and just being with your girls.

Even though they're messy AF, bachelorette parties are a great way to remember how much you love your friends. Your dumb, drunk, friends.

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