7 Reasons Your Older Sister Is The Hero You Don't Deserve

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You owe her so, so much.

Having a sister is great. But having an older sister is so ridiculously lucky. She takes the blame and makes mistakes so you don't have to— and let's be real, you don't deserve her.

1. You Can Borrow Her Entire Wardrobe


She might not like it. OK, she definitely doesn't. But she let's you get away with it anyway. Same for makeup, shoes, sports equipment— pretty much anything.

2. You Constantly Have A Buddy


When you're younger, it's someone to play with. When you're older, it's someone to drink with.

3. You Got To Learn From Her Mistakes


Without having to make them yourself. From liquid eyeliner to first breakups. It was like having a test run, but without having to put yourself in harm's way. And let's be honest, you should have listened to her way more than you did.

4. She Took The Blame— A Lot


Older siblings have it tough. Not only were your parents almost certainly stricter with her, she took a lot of blame for you. Whether you knew it— and appreciated it— or not, she made your life way easier.

5. You Have Someone With Boundless Understanding


Someone gets you, someone who really gets you, is such a gift. And your sister has been through it all with you— and come out the other side. She's the perfect person to talk to.

6. She Can Always Make You Laugh


You probably have the same weird sense of humor. You definitely have the same inside jokes. And she can pull you out of any weird mood with them.

7. And She's There. 100 Percent Of The Time.


Through thick and thin, family has to pull out all the stops for you. And some days, the only one you want to talk to is your sister. She'll be there, no matter what.

Having a sister is like having a best friend for life. Except even better, because they know exactly what you've been through.

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