9 Things That Prove Your Relationship Is Better Than Most

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Signs your relationship is a total game-changer.

If you've only ever been in bad relationships, being in a good, healthy, and mature relationship can be a revelation.

And being in a great relationship is a total game-changer. But there are some things that definitely set your relationship apart.

Here's how you know your relationship is better than most:

1. You're Totally Comfortable Being Yourself


No matter how gross that self is. Or how weird. In fact, they like you more for all of the weird sh*t that you bring to the table— and they're probably pretty weird themselves.

2. You Know Each Other's Flaws


Good relationships aren't built by thinking the other person is perfect. They're built on knowing all their flaws and loving them anyway.

3. You've Know How To Handle Disagreements


No relationship is perfect, but you handles disagreements like a boss. And when you fight, you fight in a healthy, constructive way.

4. You Make Each Other Stronger


Bad relationships are filled with jealousy and suspicion— which can just be exhausting. But good relationships are totally different. Together, you're bigger than the sum of your parts. And you help build each other up to achieve great things— without any jealousy or resentment.

5. Everyone Can See It


Your family is on board, their family is one board, even your one friend who hate's everyone's partner is on board. If you're both really happy, people can see it— and will want to support it.

6. Thinking About The Future Isn't Scary


It's totally normal to get nervous about the future, but with the right person it just feel easier. You might not agree on everything, but that doesn't matter. It all feels relaxed and doable.

7. You're Friends With Each Other's Friends


You guys are so compatible that even your friends are compatible. It makes your lives so much easier.

8. Your Sex Life Is On Point


You're great at getting down. You're great at talking about getting down. You're still always wanting to get down.

9. It Still Feels New


No matter how long you've been together, that puppy love is still there. You can still be flirty, silly, and act like it's the honeymoon. Not everybody gets that.

It's not difficult to be in a good relationship, but a truly great relationship is something special.

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