Can You Post To Snap Map With Snapchat Spectacles?

Can you post to Snap Map with Snapchat Spectacles? It's time to connect more than ever.

If you're wondering can you post to Snap Map with snapchat spectacles, then you are not alone. Can you post to Snap Map with Snapchat Spectacles is a common question. Because everyone is using Snap Map, it's natural to wondering can you post to Snap Map with snapchat spectacles. But first we should take a step back— do you know what Snapchat Spectacles are? Because not everyone over the age of 25 might know about them.

Basically, think Google Glass but for Snapchat. Snapchat Spectacles are a pair of glasses that you can wear that automatically upload what you're seeing to your Snapchat memories, just with the click of a button. They're actually designed with a camera with a 115-degree lens, which is meant to make it look realistic— mimicking what humans actually see. And Snap Map is the new feature that allows your friends to see exactly where you are at all times— for better and for worse. Seriously, though. It's ruining people's damn lives.

But with this technology it's natural to wonder if you can use your Snapchat Spectacles to post to SnapMap. Because the future is here and we're really ready to get using it. So does it work yet? Here's what you need to know.

Basically, You Should Be Able Post To Snap Map With Snapchat Spectacles

So here's the breakdown. Basically, the way that Snapchat Spectacles work is that you can upload your story directly through your glasses— just with an easy click of the button. And the way Snap Map works is that once you choose to allow yourself to been by your friends on the map, they can see your avatar then they can just click on that avatar to see the most recent story. So it should work that the two are connected. So while in theory it shouldn't be a problem, we need to remember that these are very new technologies, so there's a chance that we may run into some problems. So in theory, it works. But we'll have to see as we go as along.

So there shouldn't be a problem using your Snapchat Spectacles and Snap Maps at the same time— so you can your friends can be more connected than ever. For some, it's a bit much— we all need a little privacy, right? But if you're desperate to let your friends know where you are and what you're seeing at all times, there's a way to do it. At least, in theory.

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