How To Hire A Bartender For A Barbecue


Learn how to hire a bartender for a barbecue so you can actually enjoy the sun.

If you want to learn how to hire a bartender for a barbecue, it's actually really easy. If you want to host a barbecue and have the best barbecue ever, knowing how to hire a bartender for a barbecue is a good place to start. One of the top barbecue tips is to get someone else in to bartend your barbecue, coming up with perfect barbecue drinks and making sure that the day goes smoothly, so you should learn how to hire a bartender for a barbecue.

If you've never hired someone to help with a party, than a barbecue is a good place to start. Because let's be honest, they're normally really messy affairs, right? Between getting the grill going, keeping an eye on the weather, and all of the organization, having someone there to serve the drinks can make the whole event feel a little less stressful. Not only that, they're also helpful to make sure that nobody is indulging more than they should be.

Hosting a party is stressful enough— so it's good to look for ways to make throwing a party easier or to help with the organization. If you can afford it, then hiring someone to help you can make all the difference. But things are always a bit tricky when it comes to alcohol and the legal side of things, so make sure you know what you're doing.

To Hire A Bartender, Look Online Or Through A Catering Company

Caterers aren't just for weddings, you know. If you want to hire a bartender, do some research for catering companies in your area. A lot of them will have a more full-service approach and also offer bartenders. Don't be afraid to ask friends for good catering companies they've used before.

Know The Laws For Hiring A Bartender Where You Are

One of the reasons you want to go through a professional service is so you can check out the legality of the bartender. In some areas, if someone gets drunk and you've been serving them, you can be liable for what they do. Hiring a professional bartender often keeps you out of it, because they've been trained not to over-serve, but make sure you talk to the catering company about the logistics.

Work Out The Details Like Price For Hiring A Bartender In Advance

How long are they going to stay? How much room does a professional bartender need? How much do they cost? You want to work out as many details as you can in advance. Nobody wants the shock of them showing up with an eight-foot long table you have nowhere to put it. To make a truly smooth day, it's all about the forward-planning.

Throwing a party can be stressful for anyone— and barbecues are usually even more so. You're relying on good weather, the grill tends to get messy, and it always feels like a lot can go wrong. So hiring a bartender for your barbecue makes perfect sense. They'll take care of a lot of the work and heavy lifting and you can sit back and enjoy some cool drinks in the sunshine with your friends. Isn't what a barbecue is supposed to be about?

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