How To Vet An Au Pair

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How to vet an au pair is easy... if you leave it to the professionals

When you want to hire an au pair, knowing how to vet au pair is an important part of the process. Luckily finding an au pair can often be done through a company— and then you can leave the how to vet an au pair up to the professionals. How to vet an au pair is complicated and you're dealing with your children and their safety, so you need to be so sure that the au pair company that you go with is doing a thorough screening process.

And when vetting an au pair, you need to think about anything specific you may want from an au pair. Of course, you want them to be safe and reliable, but what can an au pair do for your family? Are you needing some work done around the house? Do you want them to teach a second language? Do need them to drive? There is a lot to think about when it comes to making the most of an au pair for your family. So make sure that you're doing background checks on the au pair, but that you're getting everything that you want from your au pair experience.

So here's where to start, because hiring an au pair is a huge change for your family— so, especially if it's your first au pair, make sure that you're ready.

Think About What You Want In An Au Pair

As I said, there are a lot of questions. An au pair will often be coming to the country for the job, so you may have the opportunity to teach your child a second language. You may need them to work weeks, you may need help around the house. Knowing exactly what you want will help the company vet for you.

Deal With A Professional Au Pair Company

You don't want to just pick someone off of the internet and try to vet the au pair yourself. Instead, go through a trusted company that does thorough screenings. They should check for not only experience but also safety training, like knowing CPR.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask A Lot Of Questions About The Au Pair

The most important thing is that you're not embarrassed about asking questions. You're inviting someone into your home— and to take care of your children. You can ask as many questions as you want. You want to make sure that you have all of your needs met in advance. It'll make the experience better for you, your children, and the au pair. So if you're not sure about anything, just ask.

Hiring an au pair for the first time is a little scary— and you really want to make sure that the process of vetting an au pair is thorough and effective. That's why you want to make sure you're going with a company you trust. Ask your friends for recommendations or Google the hell out of it— then you can rest easy that your kids are in safe hands, which is exactly what they're there for.

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