The 12 Stages Of Girls Night Out, As Told By Rebel Wilson

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Dancing, drama, and more dancing.

Girls Night Out is a right of passage— and an important part of your friendships. No matter how old you get, making time to spend with just you and your closest female friends is so important, especially as we get older and life gets busier. But let's be real— they rarely go smoothly. They are fun, silly, and amazing... but they rarely go off without at least a little bit of drama. But that's kind of part of the fun, right?

There's the drinking, the dancing, and that one girl who always manages to overreact to everything, but you love them anyway. Because even though you may not be a perfect group, you've been through a lot together and mean the world to each other. So no matter how messy things get and how much you might fight, you always manage to patch things up and dance them off.

So no matter how many GNOs you've had with your girlfriends, you always seem to want another one because it never feels like you have enough time together. These nights matter, because they keep you all bonded as a group— so make sure you're fitting them in, no matter how busy life can get.

1. When Everything Starts Out Fine

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It all starts off well. A few shots, a few cocktails— everybody is ready to have a good time. The bonding vibes are flying all over the place. You just love each other so much, you know it's going to be a great night.

2. When You Start To Decide Your Game Plan

You're going to head out to a place you can dance and have a good time, just you guys. But there's always one girl on the prowl.

3. When The Drunken Chats Begin

Usually in the bathroom, let's be real. You've reached that level of drunk— you know the one. Honesty drunk. You starting have intense chats that feel really important, though they're probably just saying how much you love each other over and over.

4. When Someone Decides She Can't Deal With Her Heels

And she goes off in her bare feet no matter how gross the place you are is. So. Much. Sticky.

5. When One Friend Think She Looks *GREAT* On The Dance Floor

But no matter what, she normally falls over during the slut drop. That's OK— if the stars align, they might even play Beyonce.

6. And You Need To Tell The Guys To Back Off

You're not interested in any come-ons, so you circle around each other and just enjoy being able to shake it off. Shake it off. Off.

7. When One Girl Is Desperate To Drunk Dial Her Ex

You need to stop her. You need to stop her at all costs.

8. And Thinks About Bailing

She debates her options for the night while the rest of you try to get her to just come back and dance. It's a girl's night, after all.

9. When The Drunken Fighting Begins

Woah. Chill out. At some point the drunken feelings all start to pour out— and you're bringing up fights and issues from ten years ago. Nobody can control them, emotions are flying all over the shop.

10. But You Stop To Drunk Eat

Drunk eating isn't like regular eating. You are an angry vacuum shark hovering up anything and everything in sight. Drunk eating saves the day.

11. One Girl Gets Angsty While You're Trying To Take Selfies

You just want to remember this moment forever and put it on Instagram and Snap it around. Why is she still talking about her feelings!?

12. When You Decide To Be Your Weird-Ass Selves

The best part about girls' night? You can be as weird as you want. Sure, you may have some mascara running down your faces— but you get back on the dance floor and bust a move— it's what girl's night is all about.

Girl's night out are fun, messy, and ridiculous— but that's just why you love them. No matter how busy life gets, make sure that you're taking some time for just you and your closest friends. Because even though things can be crazy busy, those are the memories that last forever.

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