Being A Flight Attendant Is Hard — Can You Even Pass A Short Exam?

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"The Flight Attendant" via HBO

Cabin door is closed... are you ready?

See if you have what it takes to be a flight attendant by taking this fun exam about flight times, airport codes, plane etiquette and more.

 Jan 08, 2021

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If oxygen masks fall, which of these should a passenger do first?
Inflate the mask
Put a mask on any child in their party
Put a mask on

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What is “pushback”?
Moving a plane backwards from the gate
When a passenger is being rude
Another name for the drink cart

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What is 3:34 p.m. in 24 hour format?

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Which airport uses the code HKG?
Hong Kong International Airport
Phuket International Airport
Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

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Passengers are allowed to bring their own alcohol (and drink it) on flights, as long as it’s 2.4 ounces or smaller.

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What are the tax-exempt goods described as in International airports?
Bargain Bonus
Thrift Gifts

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What time is 2121?
11:21 p.m.
11:21 a.m.
9:21 p.m.

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"Blue juice" is the _____.
Hat that flight attendants wear
Lavatory water
Engine Fuel

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You work from 0734 to 1645. How long did you work? (Answer formatted in hours & minute)
9 +09
8 + 11
9 + 11

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At what point do passengers NOT necessarily need their seatbelts fastened?
Cruising altitude

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What’s the airport code for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport?

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A “jumpseat” is used to _____ during the flight.
Go to the bathroom

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What is a “deadhead”?
The fourth pilot
A passenger who’s asleep
An employee flying as a passenger while on duty

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“Concourse shoes” are a special type of ______.
Durable sneakers
High-heeled pumps
Shoes for the plane walkway

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If you’ve worked 3 shifts this week, worth 10 + 21, 12 + 04, and 11 + 47, how much have you worked in total?
33 + 02
34 + 12
34 + 09

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JFK airport is not an international airport.

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What is the world's oldest airline?

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In what American city is the world's busiest airport located?

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Aer Lingus originates from what country?

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What word describes the fear of flying?

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What is hand-baggage or luggage that has not been checked-in called?

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Passengers are allowed to vape on a plane instead of smoking.
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With the release of HBO's new show The Flight Attendant, viewers got a firsthand peek into what it is like to be a flight attendant... with a little (ok, a lot) of dramatics, flair and money-making schemes. This show might have left you seriously considering a career as a flight attendant- did you get a good look at the glamorous job of serving first class flyers? Cassie sure made it look fun. And traveling to crazy destinations like Rome, Hong Kong and more? What a life!! Now you just need to figure out if you have what it takes to make the cut. It's not all fun and games... sometimes it's life or death. This is a serious job that takes a lot of smarts and training! This fun quiz will give you a good idea if you have any chance of going further in a flight attendant career. And will give you some fun things to daydream about while we're all grounded during quarantine.

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