Seriously, Only An Illinois Local Could Ace This 17 Q Lingo Quiz! Can You?

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Deep-dish, frunchroom, Grabwoskis, oh my!

Ace this 17 question Illinois lingo and trivia quiz to prove you know the Land of Lincoln like only a true local does! Think you're up to it?

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Attention... calling all Illinois locals! Here is your chance to prove yourself as a bonafide Illinois native. That's right. This seventeen question lingo quiz is the perfect way to prove that you know Illinois frontwards, backwards and inside out... the way that only a true local can! From chocolate cake shakes to the Lake Effect, to DA BEARS and everything in between, here is your chance to prove that you REALLY know the Land of Lincoln. These seventeen questions cover all the ins and outs of being a true Illinoisan. Any local SHOULD be able to pass (and ace) this quiz easily! So go ahead, try out this quiz and share with all your friends and family to prove that you're a true expert on the great state of Illinois.

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