Alaska Lingo - It’s A Thing! How Many Words Do You Know?

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Sourdoughs only!

Ace this 18 question Alaska trivia quiz to prove you know all the trivia, slang and lingo like only a true local can. Are you ready to ace it?

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Well, hey there! If you're here on this quiz, odds are that you must have some type of connection to the great state of Alaska. Seeing as this is a trivia/slang quiz (Alaska Lingo - It's A Thing! How Many Words Do You Know?) ALL about the Last Frontier! That's right, hopefully you already know that the "Last Frontier" is just another nickname for our 49th state. Did you also know that if Alaska was cut in half, each of the two halves would STILL be larger than Texas? That's right. They say not to mess with Texas, but if you're really smart, you won't mess with Alaska or any of the awesome people who live there. Alaskans are a tough, unique and amazing group of people who get to call a gorgeous state home. And they sure know how to rough it out through some extreme weather, winters and animals.

There are ALL types of animals in Alaska. Most people probably can't even name one type of salmon, but Alaska locals could tell you that there are FIVE types. Pink, Red, King, Silver and Chum. Not to mention that you Alaskans are also familiar with bears, moose, elk and so much more. If you live in the Bush, you probably see even more animals and have to deal with higher grocery prices. Seriously, $10-12 for a gallon of milk? That's crazy! But even with all the challenges and difficulties that come with calling Alaska home, you wouldn't change it for anything. Otherwise how else would you know about the Northern Lights, muktuk, breakup, Ditch Day, firewood blooms, termination dust and so much more.

Feel ready to ace this quiz? Go ahead and get started then! Good luck!

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