Oklahoma Slang - It's A Thing. Do You Know These 21 "Typical" OK Things?

Do you Okies know what you're talking about?

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 Apr 10, 2019
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Serve me up some ______ as a big as the plate, with a side of gravy, and I’ll be one happy Oklahoman.
Chicken Breaded Tenderloin
Chicken Fried Steak
Steak Grilled Chicken

Question: 2/21Choose Your Answer!

You have to pick a side. It’s ______ or _______, but never both.
Thunder; Cowboys
Hurricanes; Sooners
Sooners; Cowboys

Question: 3/21Choose Your Answer!

Before you offer them up, make sure a visitor knows that calf fries are:
Deep fried frog legs
Deep fried fish eyes
Deep fried bull testicles

Question: 4/21Choose Your Answer!

Noodling? What on earth is Noodling?
That’s the shorthand version of “canoodling”!
That’s when you’re catfishing by hand in a river bank!
That’s when you’re cooking up spaghetti noodles for dinner!

Question: 5/21Choose Your Answer!

And what lake can you go to between Texas and Oklahoma to fish striped bass?
Lake Keystone
Lake Eufaula
Lake Texoma

Question: 6/21Choose Your Answer!

The ______ is a famous part of Oklahoma, but seriously not that many of us live here.

Question: 7/21Choose Your Answer!

Who is known as Oklahoma’s favorite son?
Will Rogers
Gordon Cooper
Johnny Bench

Question: 8/21Choose Your Answer!

If someone says the City, you know they’re talking about which of these?
Oklahoma City

Question: 9/21Choose Your Answer!

“Don’t worry about groceries, I’m ______ to go the store later today.”

Question: 10/21Choose Your Answer!

Not everyone wears them ALL the time, but people do enjoy some _____ hats and boots.

Question: 11/21Choose Your Answer!

Despite being landlocked, you can see a _______ off of Route 66!
Blue whale
Green turtle
Purple shark

Question: 12/21Choose Your Answer!

No a “twister” is not referring to a game, that’s a:

Question: 13/21Choose Your Answer!

There’s nothing like a good _______! Cheese curds, funnel cakes, and games? Sign me up.
Birthday Party
May Day Parade
State Fair

Question: 14/21Choose Your Answer!


Question: 15/21Choose Your Answer!

Forget about French fries, or onion rings, fried ______ is extra tasty.

Question: 16/21Choose Your Answer!

One person is you, two people is y’all, and three or more is:
Youse guys
All y’all

Question: 17/21Choose Your Answer!

If someone says “icebox” you know they’re really just referring to which of these?
A refrigerator!
An air conditioner!
The cooler at a sports game!

Question: 18/21Choose Your Answer!

You’re no scaredy-cat, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get in a _______ if there’s a twister approaching!

Question: 19/21Choose Your Answer!

USED to be that if you wanted beer and wine on a ______, you’d have to get it in advance.

Question: 20/21Choose Your Answer!

In Oklahoma, what are you in possession of when you’re “packing”?
A suitcase
A U-haul
A gun

Question: 21/21Choose Your Answer!

Leave the _____ State? Are you crazy? I love it here in Oklahoma!
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Okay Oklahomans, here's your chance to prove just how much you know about the Sooner State! There is indeed, a lot to know! In terms of slang, lingo, phrases, trivia, favorite foods, local hotspots, highways, and expressions, the Sooner State truly is unique. If an out-of-stater were to visit, he or she might be thrown off by phrases like icebox, buggy, sooner, fraidy-hole, packing, and so much more. People tend to lump together middle-of-the-country states like Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska and Iowa, but they're not the same at all. Each state has it's own quirks and traditions. People even lump Oklahoma in with Texas, but that's so not right. Oklahoma and Texas are rivals, not to mention completely different... Even if you all say "y'all."

Have these words and expressions sounded similar to you at all? Think you know the answers to a lot of them? Then odds are that you ARE a bonafide Oklahoma local. There's about four million of you, so you are somewhat rare. And even though Oklahoma is known for it's distinct Panhandle shape, only about 1 percent of you live in there area! Crazy facts right? It's fun learning new things about the state that you grew up in, or the state that you've spent many years living in. You'd be surprised how much you pick up just by living in a state. And you're quick to pick up on how different the state is from where you came from. If this all sounds like a fun time to you, then you'd definitely enjoy all the quizzes that Women.com has to offer. Go ahead, hit start, and enjoy a 2 minute mental break. You'll be smiling for the rest of your day.