California Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Do You Know?

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Are you a real California local, or just another tourist?

Whoa, there sure is a lot of California trivia about food, lingo, sports, and favorite pastimes. Do you really think you know it all? But no cheating!

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California is one huge state. So huge in fact, that over thirty-nine million people can call it home! That's pretty crazy to think about. One thing is clear from that fact though... people LOVE California. A lot. And whether you're a California native, local, tourist, frequent visitor, or used to be any of those things, you probably know quite a bit about California. Enough to ace an eighteen question quiz about that great state? Well, that remains to be seen. So, if you fit into any of those descriptions, you might want to start this fun and fast quiz about the Golden State. If you dare. You really need to know quite a bit about some of California's favorite foods, pastimes, lingo, slang, and of course, favorite sports and sports teams. We're not exaggerating, that's a lot of knowledge and information to pack into just eighteen questions. Before you start, you should be really sure that you actually do know everything about the Golden State. But, if you're not from California, that's not an issue. Here at, we have quizzes on every single state. All fifty of them! So it's a guarantee that wherever you may come from, will have a quiz on it. From the coasts of California to the coasts of Maine and everything in between, we have it covered. Our extensive quiz base goes beyond just states and regions, however. also has a multitude of quizzes on an array of topics like spelling, grammar, vocabulary, general knowledge, movies, television, and science. Whatever your interest may be, there's a quiz for that. So go ahead, take a break from your hectic day and enjoy this fun two minute quiz! You won't regret it.

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