5 Proven Benefits to Practicing Downward Dog Every Day

A woman practicing downward dog.
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Yoga has shown to be extremely beneficial for your overall health.

It can help with blood flow and fight insomnia, as well as an increase overall flexibility and strength. One of the most popular and well known yoga poses is downward facing dog, and the reason for this is probably because this pose has so many health benefits.

Having a busy schedule can sometimes leave you with less time to get a workout in, but penciling in some time to do a little downward facing dog action is definitely worth it.

Below is a breakdown of the benefits practicing downward dog has on your health:

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1. It Increases Blood Flow

This yoga pose really helps your blood circulation. A healthy circulation system can help flush out any toxins from your body, as well as help your immune system. An increased blood flow and healthy circulation can help regulate blood pressure.

It is also said that more blood flow to your face can leave your skin feeling healthy and leave you with a natural glow.

2. It Helps With Bone Density and Strength

Any exercise that focuses putting weight on the arms and shoulders can really help build upper body strength and protect bone density. This is something very important for women, because as we age, we are more at risk for getting osteoporosis.

3. It Relieves Stiffness and Back Pain

Practicing downward facing dog with proper alignment can help relieve back pain and make your upper back more flexible. This can help relieve any built-up tension in your back.

Downward dog can also help with bad posture and any soreness in the neck or back that come from slouching.

4. It Increases Flexibility and Strength

There are a lot of yoga poses that focus on flexibility and others on strength, but downward dog incorporates both. Downward dog focuses on your upper and lower body at the same time. While it's helping stretch out your calves and legs, it's also building strength in your shoulders and arms.

5. It Wakes You Up

Downward dog can really get your blood flowing and give you lots of energy. If you're feeling fatigued or haven't had a good night's rest, this pose can really give you the boost you need to wake up.

Downward dog is also a good way to check in on how you're feeling. Stretching out your arms, legs, and back, you will be able to feel what is something you need to focus on more or where you have more built-up tension.

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