4 Important Reasons Your Diva Cup Is Leaking

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Here's the problem...

What Is a Diva Cup?

A Diva cup (or menstruation cup) is a flexible plastic cup that's inserted into a woman's vagina to catch any menstrual fluid. Some women prefer a Diva Cup over a tampon or pad for simple comfortability and to save money.

If you use a Diva Cup during menstruation but are experiencing leaking, here are some reasons why that might be happening:

1. It's Not Properly Inserted

One of the most common reasons your Diva Cup is leaking is because it isn't inserted properly. Inserting a menstruation cup can take a bit more time and patience, so it's important you know exactly where you need to be inserting it.

The Diva Cup should be properly inserted into the vaginal canal, a portion of the stem should not be sticking out, but will be close to the vaginal opening for easy removal.

2. Your Cup Didn't Pop Into Place

To properly insert your Diva Cup, it needs to be folded into a 'C' formation. Once inserted, the cup should pop back into formation inside of your vaginal canal. If your cup doesn't pop open properly or stays in the 'C' formation, odds are menstrual fluid will leak out or around your cup. To make sure the cup has properly popped into place you can rotate your cup so it's properly secured.

3. Your Diva Cup Is the Wrong Size

The Diva Cup comes in two sizes. The first one is a standard size meant for those who experience a regular flow. If you are using the standard size one and are inserting your Diva Cup properly but are still experiences leaks, it might be the wrong size. Women who have a heavier flow would need to buy the larger-sized Diva Cup to avoid any leaks.

4. The Position of Your Cervix May Be the Cause

During the beginning of your menstrual cycle, your cervix might be sitting lower and be against the vaginal wall. Normally the cervix is centered, allowing menstrual fluid to flow down directly.

If your cervix is too low and is against the vaginal wall, menstrual fluid will leak around the cup. In order to fix this problem, you must insert your finger into your vaginal canal in order to center your cervix. Once your cervix is centered, menstrual fluid will be able to go into the cup rather than leak out.