6 Healthy and Proven Ways to Make Your Period Shorter

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Goodbye, for now!

How Can You Make Your Period Shorter?

Women are always on the go, and there may come a time when you just need your menstrual cycle to end early. So how can you make your period shorter?

Whether it's a special occasion, a long needed vacation, or an upcoming pool party, there are some ways women can say goodbye to their period a little earlier in the month. 

Below are six ways you can make your period shorter:

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1. Go on Birth Control

Birth control helps regulate your period and can even shorten a woman's period.

The Depo shot can also help with shorter periods and can eventually stop your period all together.

2. Exercise Often

Exercising while on your period can help with cramping, bloating, fatigue, but it can also help shorten your period. Women who are overweight may deal with longer, heavier periods compared to women who have less body fat.

3. Have Sex

Sex while on your period can be a little messy, but it can help shorten your cycle. According to an article by Health Line, "having an orgasm, either through intercourse or masturbation, can reduce both cramping and menstrual flow." During sex your uterus contracts more, causing the lining to shed faster and helping shorten your period.

4. Switch to Pads

Tampons can restrict the flow of blood from your period, causing it not to come out as quickly and thus prolonging your period. Pads allow the flow of blood to leave your body more naturally, shortening your period cycle.

5. Ingest Vitamin C

Not only can Vitamin C help induce your period, it can also affect the length of your period. Vitamin C helps break down the uterus lining by decreasing progesterone levels. The faster shedding of the lining then leads to a shorten period.

6. Take Aleve

Naproxen (better known as Aleve), can help with cramping and reducing the amount of prostaglandins, which affects the blood vessels in the inner lining of the uterus.

Decreasing the amount of prostaglandins can then reduce the amount of blood and, for some women, stop their period. It has shown that Aleve can reduce blood flow up to 50 percent.

Something to Keep in Mind

Cutting your period short by a couple of days is completely safe and these techniques can help. If you want to cut your period short because of painful cramping, heavy flow, or irregular periods, there might be some underlying health issue that needs to be addressed.

Be sure to reach out to your doctor before trying any of these methods or if you feel like something else is going on with your cycle.