Play This Music to Calm Down Your Anxious Dog

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Music helps everyone, even animals.

Dogs are full of energy and are always excited to go out and play, but sometimes pups can deal with anxiety.

Whether it is separation anxiety or caused by fear, it's not uncommon for dogs to deal with anxiety. About two-thirds of dogs suffer from anxiety.

It can be hard to leave them alone or take them out for a walk. Some symptoms of an anxious dog can be aggression, and that's when you might start having more trouble.

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of medication for your dog, we have found soothing music that can help your anxious pup.

According to an article done by BBC News, a study found that "[c]lassical music has a calming effect on dogs in rehoming centres."

We have found some music playlists and songs that can help with your dogs anxiety. Check out which one best works for your dog.

Calming Music for Dogs - Spotify Playlist

This playlist consist of 13 songs all tailored to sooth and relax your anxious dog. Each song is about eight minutes long. The sooting and classical music has been shown to help dogs with their anxiety.

Gnash - A Song for Daisy

Singer and song-writer Gnash created this piece for his anxious dog. After no luck with medication or an animal behaviorist he composed music that would hopefully calm his dog.

At first he had turned to Reggae music, thinking it would be the most effective but later found that simpler arrangements worked a lot better.

8 Hour Anxiety Prevention Music for dogs

If you have to leave the house for work or errand but are worried about your anxious dog, this eight-hour music playlist might be able to help you. It consists of classical music that can help sooth and relax your anxious dog when you aren't home.

Separation anxiety can be hard for a dog, but classical music can help sooth them.

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