5 Shoes From the '80s That Are Back in Style

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"That's so '80s!"—My mother's favorite phrase.

Things Our Parents Should've Saved

A woman can never have enough shoes, and that includes the footwear my mom should have kept from the '80s.

I am the type of woman who loves her chunky platform heels one day and her neon Nike Air Max the next. Although my collection of shoes is expanding, one thing is for sure—I wish my mom had kept her shoes from the '80s!

On more than one occasion, my mom has pointed out that a certain dress, outfit, and yes pair of shoes is so '80s. My response to her is always, "You should have kept it!"

Amazed by how many styles and patterns are coming back from the '80s, my mom shared with me which shoes I own today that she had back in her day.

1. Sling Back High Vamp Heeled Pumps

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I came home with these cute lilac pumps about two months ago and was (still am) completely in love with them. Super comfortable for work and the color was so pretty, I came to find out my mom had a similar pair of these cute little heels in high school. Yet again, adding to the list of would have, could have, should haves.

2. High Vamp Pointed Toe Ballet Flats

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Comfortable flats that can go with any outfit and apparently my mom had some of these in every color. Don't know if I should be proud of my mom's sense of style or sad I don't get any cool '80s shoes.

3. Penny Loafers

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A comfortable shoe that is black and goes with anything? Sign me up! Penny loafers were also all the rage in the '80s.

4. Adidas Superstar Shoes

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Kicking it old school is no joke, Adidas Superstars are my kind of shoes.

5. Vans

I have owned several pairs of Vans, more specifically the Authentic and Sk8-Hi Vans. Lived in these shoes for the majority of my high school years and my mom had similar pairs of her own.

I have expressed to my mom that she could have helped me save a lot of money if she just would have kept a pair or two. Lessons have been learned here. For any moms out there wondering if they should keep their favorite jacket or pair of cute pumps for their daughter, always assume yes!

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