7 Great Gifts for Any Fan of the Beatles

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Beatles Gift Guide

For Beatles fans, they can never have too much Beatles memorabilia—and this holiday season is no different.

We've created the perfect gift guide to help you save some time this holiday season. If you have a loved one who loves the Beatles, then this is perfect for them.

A collectible vinyl to some great Beatles shirts, there is a lot to choose from for your loved one. Scroll through the gift guide and start shopping!

1. Beatles Vinyl Wall Clock

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Let them style up their home with this Beatles vinyl wall clock from Amazon. Perfect gift for your loved one!

2. Abbey Road Vinyl

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This is a classic and a gift they're sure to love. Even if they don't have a record player, they'll cherish this Abbey Road vinyl more than you know.

3. Yellow Submarine Ornament

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The perfect gift for them to use this holiday season or keep in around the house all year long, this iconic Beatles yellow submarine will adorn their Christmas tree every year.

4. The Beatles Long Sleeve Tee

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This 1965 American concert long sleeve T-shirt is great for any Beatles fan.

5. Beatles Socks

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This Beatles box set is great for any Beatles fan. It's filled with awesome socks anyone will absolutely love this holiday season.

6. Beatles Tote Bag

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This reusable tote bag helps the planet while also sporting the Beatles—can't go wrong with that.

7. Beatles Elf Pajamas

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Pajamas are always a great gift, and these Christmas Beatles Elf Pajamas are perfect.

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