Quiz: Do You Speak Jersey?

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Think you're Jersey enough?

Do you know New Jersey slang, lingo, trivia and favorite foods? Well then, you might just be able to pass this tricky New Jersey quiz. No cheating!

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New Jersey is such a tiny state, but it's packed with so much culture, tourist spots, and people! Amazing and unique people! Maybe you count yourself among the nine million people who call New Jersey their home? Or, if you are just a frequent tourist or visitor, that is just fine too. New Jersey is so close to a lot of other East Coast states that it's easy to visit New Jersey or visit other states from the Garden State. Maybe you haven't even been to New Jersey... you've just seen a lot of footage of the shore, from the popular MTV show, The Jersey Shore! Seems like New Jerseyans either love or hate the controversial show that brought so much attention to the Garden State. One thing's for certain though. If you want a chance of passing this quiz, you NEED to be familiar with New Jersey. Make that incredibly familiar with New Jersey slang, lingo, customs, traditions, sports teams, and pronunciation, for a shot at ACING this quiz. Seriously, this quiz isn't for non-locals. But if you aren't actually a New Jersey local, don't sweat it. Because women.com has a whole slew of quizzes for other states and regions. Wherever you may be from, women.com definitely has a quick and tricky quiz for you. Not in the mood for geography? That's not a problem either. Women.com has quizzes on a wide array of general knowledge topics like spelling, grammar, and trivia. Whatever your interests may be, there is definitely a quiz that will suit it. So go ahead and take a quick two minute break from your hectic day and try out one of women.com's quizzes! You're sure to enjoy yourself. Good luck!

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