How Does The Tinder Algorithm Work?

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Everything you need to know about how the Tinder algorithm works.

Dating in 2017 can be exhausting - how many times have we stayed up late at night wondering just how does the Tinder algorithm work? We have the answers! This complex algorithm took over 2 months to complete. Voting, scoring, and messaging make how the Tinder algorithm works! The Tinder algorithm is made to match you with people more likely to right swipe on you. Swipe your way to love!

Tinder does not come out and give us the exact formula for how they match people together, but thankfully the internet is full of knowledge. Remember, while online dating, always stay safe, and use these algorithm backgrounds to your advantage while you're swiping away!

Elo Score

Tinder has confirmed that they use a score of how desirable your profile is to other users. Months were spent creating this algorithm since there are many factors that go into it. It is not only based on your attractiveness, as some people might tell you. Some users speculate that the algorithm ranks you based on how high your average matches are ranked. Matching with highly desirable users will make your score higher.

Vast Voting System

Every time you swipe right or left on a person, you are casting a vote on whether or not they intrigued you. Tinder profile pictures are subjective. If you have a picture with a dog, you might attract more dog lovers, but people who hate animals will quickly swipe left. Everyone's votes are combined to select how sought-after you are. The Tinder algorithm works to show more people within a range of your score.


Paramount Pictures

Selectiveness is not a confirmed part of the Tinder algorithm, but many people stand by this. It is speculated that swiping right on everyone will have you not shown to as many people. The app will flag your account as fake if you continuously right swipe.


Always on Tinder? This is great news for you! Being active on the app will allow you to reach more people. The algorithm wants to pair you with people who will most likely swipe right. Inactivity will only decrease the number of people you are being shown to. The fastest way to get more matches is to be active!

New User

New to Tinder? You are in luck! The first few days will be the most active so the algorithm can figure out your Elo score. This will wear off within a week. Take advantage of this time frame to get as many matches as you can to increase your score!


Send your new matches messages? Slide into their DMs? You just boosted your score! The algorithm boosts your visibility if you send messages and get replies.

Profile Pictures

Boost your account by changing your pictures. It will allow you to reach a different audience and spice up your account. There is no proof that this method receives more matches, but users say that keeping the content fresh allows more people to learn more about you.

Super Likes

Super Likes allow you to be noticed by the other person. It makes your profile jump to the front and distinguishes you from the other people on the app.

Tinder might have had a tricky algorithm, but we have cracked the case! Happy swiping!

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