Peanut Butter Lovers Rejoice! 18 Nutty Instagram Captions Are Here

Peanut butter on whole wheat bread
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Get your Insta captions to celebrate peanut butter here!

Best Peanut Butter Instagram Captions

Do you love peanut butter and jelly or do you just eat peanut butter alone on a spoon? If you are a peanut butter fanatic and a major foodie whose lives for peanut butter in combination with anything, look no further than us to make your Instagram postings complete!

Check out our best Instagram captions for your very best peanut butter photo needs. When it comes to comes to crunchy, smooth and everything in between, we have all your yummy caption needs covered!

Good Peanut Butter Instagram Captions

• Powered by peanut butter

• Peanut buttery goodness

• Nutty for peanut butter

• Peanut butter is the glue holding me together

• Creamy and crunchy goodness

• PB&J all the way

Great Insta Captions To Celebrate Your Love Of Peanut Butter

• Peanut butter and no other

• You're the peanut butter to my jelly

• Don't be peanut butter and jealous

• Carry a spoon in case of peanut butter

• Inhale peanut butter, exhale negativity

• I love you to Reese's Pieces

Clever Insta Quotes About Peanut Butter

• "Man cannot live by bread alone; he must have peanut butter."- James A. Garfield

• "Peanut butter is the paté of childhood."- Florence Fabricant

• "Who would guess that a peanut butter and bacon sandwich is so good it will bring tears to your eyes?"- Roger Welsch

• "The best thing I can make is a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich."- Mario Diaz-Balart

• "I'm going to live until I die, and everything in between is just another excuse to eat peanut butter."- Dana Gould

• "God spreads grace like a 4-year old spreads peanut butter-He gets it all over everything."- Mark Lowry