Quiz: Which of These Western Movie Hunks Is Your True Soulmate?

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Take this quiz to answer questions about yourself to find out which classic Western star would be your soulmate!

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Do you love Westerns? It's a movie genre that comes and goes, but people who are Western fans are usually pretty passionate, and for them, there's really no other kind of movie. If you're one of those people, see which iconic Western star fits the bill as your true soulmate!

Westerns have been around as long as movies have and they tell the tale of how Americans made their way West and into the great unknown. They set up homes, towns, and cities and discovered along the way just how tough they really were! Today, we're pretty settled, but there was a time when the West was indeed won—and a movie genre was born. Since then, icons like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood have stolen our hearts in darkened movie theaters all around the world. See which one would be your romantic equal! Who do you think would really "get you" and who would be your very best friend with a little something extra?

The eighteen questions are simple, and there's really no wrong answer—just tell us what your everyday favorites are and a little bit about yourself. From there we can tell just what Western star is your soulmate! Not only will you have loads of fun taking the quiz, but you'll also learn something about yourself and show the world just how much you love Westerns all at the same time. Are you ready? Let's take a ride out on the range to find your very special soulmate!

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