10 Times Meredith Grey Perfectly Explained You As A Girlfriend


Meredith Grey just gets us. Every. Single. Time.

1. When your significant other asks to do something they love but you hate:


You know its only fair, but still.

2. When you just need a little bit of attention:


Mer is not subtle, and neither are we.

3. When you have a fight and they asks if you're alright:


Calm and cool on the outside.

4. But on the inside you're like:


Dark and twisty on the inside.

5. When you need to remind them you're the center of their universe:


Cause let's face it, you are though.

6. When your friends ask why you fight all the time:


Preach sister.

7. When they ask if you want to get food:


Always. The answer is always.

8. When they do something stupid:


We have all made this face.

9. When they say something stupid:

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When you need two translators and an interpretive dancer to understand what he's getting at.

10. But at the end of the day, you know they're still pretty great.

via ABC

And you remember why you love him in the first place <3

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