13 Reasons Why You Need To Ask Your Boss For Walking Meetings

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Make your company a walk and talk kinda place.

1. Things get more creative

Researchers at Standford University found that your creative output is increased by 60 percent when walking. So whether you are inside or out, getting out and about will help get those creative juices flowing.

2. It gives you a boost of energy.

We all know the well-known Legally Blonde quote, "exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don't kill their husbands!" Well, forget the last part the second part is what makes things really good.

3. It's physical activity that fits your daily life


How many of us complain over and over again that we "don't have enough time to exercise" or we are "two busy working"?! Well hey, there's a solution to both problems. You get your exercise and have a work meeting time.

4. It knocks down company barriers

Remember when you were in elementary school and you saw your teacher outside of school and it was WEIRD. You remember "hey, this person that has a whole life outside of being my teacher." Well, apply that same concept to the workplace and you've got yourself something pretty great. Seeing your boss in a walking outside environment really helps break down the scary wall you built in your head. It puts your boss in a comfortable everyday environment and breaks down hierarchical and status distinctions.

5. It makes you happier.


The Wellness & Prevention group of Johnson & Johnson has been doing research on the advantages of walking meetings for some time now. One of the unexpected benefits? Happiness.

6. It's utilitarian

Need to walk to the mailroom, the store, or the coffee shop? Easy, walk and talk your meetings, and you are just that better off. You can literally​ tell your boss, "hey next time you go out and get the mail, I'll walk and talk with you!" It's just simple multitasking.

7. It helps with company identity.

Everyone want to come across as the company that is innovative, and does the things that Apple or Google do. They want to have a culture that is fun, open, and different. Walking meetings help with that identity. You'll go from the average company to "the cool company that walks." And every boss wants that.

8. It's healthier for you.


Walking lowers blood pressure, it wards off heart disease, it can lead to weight loss, strengthens muscles, and there are million other reasons why walking meetings are beneficial for your health. You just have to list one and your boss is sold.

9. It helps you focus on what you want to say.

Western Union CEO, Hikmet Ersek has seen this first-hand "People become much more relaxed, and they talk from their hearts if you go for a walk with them. And they get to the point they want to make much more quickly."

10. It helps improve engagement.

It's a pretty well-known fact that walking improves circulation. It brings up your heart rate, pumping blood through your body, and it gets your blood moving! That also means that blood is moving through your brain, causing some really great stimulation up there. You'll notice that overall you might be engaged more in your walk and talks, and that's a win for you and your boss.

11. It helps you stay fit.

You're at your desk most of the day. Let's be real. You want to get out, stretch out those legs, and get all of the benefits that come with exercise. Having a fit and healthy company is a huge perk, so why wouldn't your boss want that?

12. It offers solutions to company problems


Say you are walking and talking with your boss and you see something really interesting, right? Getting out of our own desk-space and into a new place can help you discover some much-needed​ solutions to the problem.

13. It helps you make decisions.

Walking is generally done to get from point A to point B! You may not know how a sitting meeting may last, but you definitely know you are about to head back to your office. Setting expectations for how long you walk, and where helps you get those objectives out. It helps you and your boss come to a conclusion at the end of the walk.

Things get more creative

Soon you'll we walking and talking your way to the top!

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It gives you a boost of energy.

It's physical activity that fits your daily life

It knocks down company barriers

It makes you happier.

It's utilitarian

It helps with company identity.

It's healthier for you.

It helps you focus on what you want to say.

It helps improve engagement.

It helps you stay fit.

It offers solutions to company problems

It helps you make decisions.