17 Amazon Deals You That Will Have You Saying “Take My Money”

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Look no further, we found you the best deals on Amazon rn.

1. High Density Exercise Yoga Mat


Flimsy yoga mats are no good. You want that premium cushy stuff, with Spoga Premium Extra Thick 71-Inch Long High Density Exercise Yoga Mat with Comfort Foam and Carrying Straps.

Price : $17.43

2. Deer Wall Hook


Who wouldn't want a whimpsical deer holding up their towl? Hook on something actually cute with this Herngee Deer Single Wall Hook / Hanger Animal shaped Coat Hat Hook Home Decorations , Antique Brass Color

Price : $13.99

3. Instant Digital Camera


Bring back that old-school polariod (and fun) with Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera (Red) with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology

Price : $99.99

4. Donut Pillow


This donut cusion comes in 12 different glazes and is the stuff of dreams. Who wouldn't want to sleep on ChezMax Round Doughnut Donut Seat Back Stuffed Cushion?!

Price : $15.99

5. Alexander Girard Memory Game


A game that you can play with your family and friends that is interesting and stylish? Yes please. The Alexander Girard Memory Game is both fun and educational.

Price : $15.95

6. Lemon Drop Bath Bomb


You've seen them ALL over Pinterest and have been dying to try a bath bomb. This LEMON DROP MEGA Bomb By Soapie Shoppe is both the perfect scent and perfect size.

Price : $7.99

7. Sun & Moon Watch


Want to track the time and also see the sun and moon phase? The Time100 Sun&Moon Phase Taichi Pattern Brown Leather Strap Skeleton Mechanical Watch is a stellar match for the space-enthusiastic.

Price : $65.42

8. Dino Phone Holder


You are already constantly setting your phone down. Why not place it somewhere cute?! Like on a little dino! The Comix Mini Dinosaur Shape Cute Cell Phone Mount is there for your phone.

Price : $8.99

9. Teapot


Fall weather has arrived. So has your craving for tea and yummy hot drinks. The Bee House Ceramic Round Teapot comes in 26 colors and serves enough teas all of your friends.

Price : $29.95

10. Pink Toaster


Tea goes great with toast. And you'll want lots of toast with this perfectly pink Smeg 2-Slice Toaster.

Price : $149.95

11. Sky Umbrella


You always got that sunshine on a cloudy day. Especially with this cute MoMA Sky Umbrella.

Price : $28.75

12. Minimalist Bluetooth Speaker


This Sugar Cube Minimalist Speaker is both small and trendy, but it doesn't lack in sound. Perfect for the trendy hipster type.

Price : $99.99

13. Watercolor Clock


Need a little (water)color in your life? This 10-inch beauty will look great on your wall. Check out this Contemporary Abstract Watercolor Wall Clock.

Price : $22.00

14. Animal Face Mask


Nothing wrong with relaxing and having fun. Especially when you look like a panda, a seal, or a tiger. Check out these Fun Baby Animal Masks

Price : $14

15. Wine Opener


You'll be delighted any time you open a bottle with this A di Alessi Anna G. Corkscrew, in blue. Let the smiling and sips begin!

Price : $44.30

16. Save Ferris Shirt


You've seen the film, and now you want to rep the gear. Wear your Ferris Bueller's Day Off Save Ferris Adult T-Shirt with pride!

Price : $19.95

17. New-Age Lamp


This Fatboy Transloetje, Orange is both trendy and interesting. Put that thing on your nightstand all you'll light up the whole room.

Price : $99.00

High Density Exercise Yoga Mat

Deer Wall Hook

Instant Digital Camera

Donut Pillow

Alexander Girard Memory Game

Lemon Drop Bath Bomb

Sun & Moon Watch

Dino Phone Holder


Pink Toaster

Sky Umbrella

Minimalist Bluetooth Speaker

Watercolor Clock

Animal Face Mask

Wine Opener

Save Ferris Shirt

New-Age Lamp


Let the money-spending begin!

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