17 Of The Pettiest Things People Have Ever Done

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Revenge never tasted so sweet.

1. The baby-wipe thief.


"My roommate was stealing my baby-wipes. So I pooped in his toilet when he had a girl over, she thought he did it. She left the house so fast."

reddit: Nerdinater

2. Enjoy your Wifi.


"Someone I know divorced her douche-husband under less than amicable circumstances. When she moved out, he wouldn't let her take the wireless router. I didn't like that because I had paid for and set up that router for her. So I drove by the house and logged into the admin panel of the router from my car. Changed every setting and password I could find to render the router unusable. Have fun with your WiFi you tech illiterate ahole."

reddit: LinkDude80

3. When the Waiter Sabotages You For Wanting to Split the Bill


"Restaurant had me and one other table. I was with one other person and we each ordered one drink and one entree. I asked for the checkS and when he came back with one I asked him to split it. He snipped at me about how I should have told him before and it's wasting his time. So I took his pen after I signed the receipt."

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5. What's Wrong with the Electronics


"My supervisor and I normally get along great, but she has these random bursts of needing to know precisely what everyone is doing... Since January or so, I've been periodically turning her phone ringer off when she gets too micromanagey. The moments she realizes she's missed two or three calls because the phone hasn't rung aloud are peppered with amusing statements and frustrated groans, and her forcefully mashing the volume button til the phone rings at top volume yet again."

reddit: mshydeis_back

6. Old Folks Schooling Us on Revenge


*"My dad witnessed this one at the Post Office. An elderly lady in front of him asked for a single stamp. Obviously considering this a waste of her time, the girl behind the counter makes a snorting noise, rips off a stamp and flicks it across the counter where it lands on the floor. She doesn't apologize or offer the lady another stamp.

The old lady considers for a second, picks up the stamp and leaves her 50 cent piece on the floor in its place. She says a cheery "Thank you!" and walks out, and the btch behind the counter has to walk around to pick up the money. My dad said it made him smile for the rest of the day."

reddit: cindel

7. No Netflix for You!


"So my father passed away May 21st, and I hadn't seen him in person for 8 years. At the funeral home I met the woman he referred to as his roommate, who told me she was his girlfriend. Ever since I met her, she has been a complete and total btch to me behind my back...

Right after a very rude and disrespectful comment to me, I got on my Netflix account (my father had a profile on my account). I deleted his profile and changed the password to my account so she couldn't get on it at all. She just texted me 5 minutes ago asking why she couldn't get on "HIS" Netflix. I made sure to set her straight and said

"It's my account, they were going to start charging me $5 more for having 3 profiles. So I took his profile off."

Obviously Netflix did no such thing, but if she wants to watch sht... She sure as hell isn't going to be doing it on my account."

reddit: Crazedmonkey05

8. I Asked You Nicely.


9. Maybe I'm a Terrible Mom.


"I'll preface this by saying my 16 yr old is a good kid.... Last week he borrowed $50 off me with a promise to pay me back yesterday when he got paid...He comes in and hands me $40, saying sorry but he didn't have the rest in cash right now because he took his friend to breakfast. It turned out that I was making breakfast food anyway for lunch today, sort of a treat we do on weekends. Today I was making blueberry pancakes...and I only put like 5 blueberries in each of his pancakes."

reddit: agorby00

10. Kick the sass away!

"So I go to an MMA class fairly often .... I'm with the annoying kid, and as should be expected, he leans over again and again 'correcting' me on my kicks. Eventually I get fed up, so when it's my turn, I kick the bag as hard as I could, and it leans over and smacks the kid in the face. When I control it again and settle it down, I lean over and just tell him, "'was that good?' Needless to say it worked, he was silent for a while."

reddit: plagueofnothing

11. Passive-aggressive roommate problems.

"One of my roommates is completely passive-aggressive and has completely stopped talking to me and a few other roommates. I take a roll of toilet paper from her about every two weeks."

reddit: UNZxMoose

12. Petty revenge with some intense wishing.


13. It was just a stubble remark.

*"I got turned down, by the manager, at a job interview for team member at Dominos because of my stubble facial hair. Weeks later I order from that same Dominos, and that same manager is the one who delivers my order, which is around $25, and I couldn't help but notice he has stubble facial hair ... So I gave him no tip, and told him the exact same thing he told me .. It's not exactly like this, but something similar:

"Why do you have all that facial hair? Do you think customers wanna see that? Anyways, I won't be giving you a tip this time. Maybe when I order again, I'll be giving you a tip. But of course, remember to shave".*

reddit: remorse667

14. Size doesn't matter.


*"This happened New Years Eve a few years ago where (now) husband and I threw a party as we were newly engaged. His best friend came over with his wife who is quite superficial and had just threatened to kick my dog for jumping around her when she got there. She approached me and asked to see my black diamond engagement ring. She then showed her bigger black diamond ring off along with her engagement ring.

I decided to get her back where it mattered most to her... her pride. I already knew that she was unhappy with the engagement ring her husband had given her and traded it in for a bigger one. After showing her rings off I merely replied, "Oh well my engagement ring is perfect because my SO picked it out. He has great taste in jewelry and I wouldn't want any other one." That shut her up and she walked away."*

reddit: marriedwithoutchldrn

15. Scam call revenge.

*"So for the last 3 weeks, at least 3 times a day, I get a scam call from this dude claiming he installed security software on my computer and there's been a breach etc, everybody knows the drill...

so I thought hey, I have an idea. I just kept calling him back and saying nothing. I could hear him yelling through the receiver. Once he'd hang up, I'd call right back. All in all I blew up his phone for over an hour, I called him back 44 times in one hour."*


16. Revenge on the subway

"So where I live, in public transportation people are so incredibly rude.... As I'm trying to get off obviously there's this one lady texting on her phone standing on the exit lane. Being one foot taller than this woman I just stood in front of her and slowly walked towards her until she begun to move backwards, she didn't even look up from her phone so I kept on pressuring her to move backwards until she was about 20 meters from the train doors. As soon as she realized she started to run to get on the train but by then she was too late and the train doors closed and it went away. That'll teach her to look up from her phone."

reddit: ASexualZebra

17. Revenge of the sibling.


The baby-wipe thief.


What's the pettiest thing you ever done?

Enjoy your Wifi.

When the Waiter Sabotages You For Wanting to Split the Bill


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I Asked You Nicely.

Maybe I'm a Terrible Mom.

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Passive-aggressive roommate problems.

Petty revenge with some intense wishing.

It was just a stubble remark.

Size doesn't matter.

Scam call revenge.

Revenge on the subway

Revenge of the sibling.