5 Steps To Create The Zen Bedroom Of Your Dreams

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A simple guide to feng shui!

1. Clear out the space under your bed

Let's face it, your bed is the most important spot in the entire room. That's why it's called the "bedroom" of course! Most people think that below the bed is just wasted space, the perfect place to keep storage or old electronics and things. But, having that built-up space can really really throw off the whole bedroom vibe, and keep you from maintaining chi. Keeping underneath the bed clean will help the airflow in your entire room, and bring back some peace to the space.

2. Add some crystals

Natural semi-precious crystals can bring you peace and shift the entire energy of the room. Clear and quartz crystals are particularly helpful for a calming and clear energy. Keep them close to you, on a nightstand or near your bed. Make sure to keep the crystals together in odd numbers, odd numbers will balance out the space and keep your room full of good vibes.

3. Find the perfect place to sleep

In the ancient practice of feng shui, the location of furniture is exceptionally important. You'll want to move your bed in the optimal "commanding position" in the room. This means placing your bed so it is NOT in line with the door, but so it is facing the door. The perfect place for your bed is actually "mirroring" the door. This will bring you comfort in your sleep, knowing that you can still face the door and are in a commanding position if the door was to be opened during the nightime.

4. Get rid of your books

Sorry, bookworms. You might want to move your books to a better, more energized room. Books create an active presence in the room, and can stir up thoughts late at night when you are trying to get that much-needed sleep. If you aren't able to move that bookshelf from the room, try placing a calming fabric over the shelf to give your eyes a more "chill" space.

5. Add a little green to the room

You guessed it! Green houseplants are the most supportive and nurturing objects for your bedroom space. Plant mimic the soothing forces of nature and provide a calming yet nourishing energy to the room. They also provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, creating more restful and restorative sleep.

Clear out the space under your bed


You'll be sleeping soundly in no time!

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Add some crystals

Find the perfect place to sleep

Get rid of your books

Add a little green to the room