Airbnb Fights Discrimination With Rule Changes For Hosts

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The policy is changing for hosts of Airbnb, and you best bet it's discrimination free.

The Short of It: Airbnb has been under fire for allowing hosts to reject potential renters based on race, age, gender, and other factors. On Thursday they released a new nondiscrimination policy that aims to punish and educate hosts that don't follow the rules. They're laying down the law.

The Longer Version of It: As Airbnb grew, so did the claims of discrimination of hosts. Hosts would cancel on guests on the basis of their gender, age, or race. Discriminated-upon guested took to the internet to voice their complaints, some of their stories going viral. On Thursday, Airbnb announced a new policy to thwart the discrimination, and face it head-on. The new policy includes 24/7 personalized support to guests who cannot book a listing because they have been discriminated against, and gives users easy ways to report discrimination.

Another huge change for Airbnb is an anti-discrimination team of engineers, data scientists and researchers working to find patterns of host behavior, and using data to stop discrimination head-on.

The new outlined policy will be in effect Nov. 1, and you best bet hosts should make "room" for some change.

The Takeaway: Airbnb is in over 34,000 cities and 191 countries now, a huge achievement for a startup founded in 2008. But with that comes a lot of challenges, even lawsuits. Airbnb is making a huge move with this policy, and a team to stop it full-force means they are using tech to stop it in it's tracks. Let's hope they can put Airbnb hosts' discrimination​ to "rest"!