Generation Sexless: Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex

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Why millennials are choosing to get laid less.

Millennials around the world are saying no to sex.

A recent study published by the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, suggests that contrary to popular belief, millennials are getting laid less and choosing to take it easy instead of getting busy.

Researchers at Florida Atlantic University found that 15% of millennials ages 20-24 said they had no current sexual partners since turning 18. But for the Gen-Xers and those born in the 60s, just 6% said they hadn't had sex. To sum up: previous generations "got down" a lot earlier then millennials.

Their Career and The Right Partner is More Important

Dr. Helen Fisher, Chief Scientific Advisor to and anthropologist, suggests that millennials aren't "sleeping around" for two main reasons: they are more ambitious in their careers, and they are more cautions about getting into relationships. Today's young people are "a very ambitious generation," Fisher told Business Insider.

Millennials are looking at sex with less importance, as they focus on school and career goals.

They Have More Options

But what about the apps-- like Tinder and! Doesn't the access to more sexual partners allow for more sexual encounters?!

Well, a theory is that dating apps are leading to more people talking and meeting up, but NOT necessarily having sex. With the array of options online, and the access to a social network that helps them meet and greet future partners, millennials are becoming a bit more particular who they bring home at the end of the night. They'd rather take a little time to chat before shagging right away.

There's a Huge Cultural Shift

The last theory about millennials waiting a while, is that twentysomethings are growing up more slowly and figuring out their own sexuality first. Culturally, our parents and generations before felt some responsibility to get married soon and have sex, so they followed that path that everyone else was on. So that's what they did, they started early, and sought out partners right away. Millennials are taking their time before they settle down (if at all), and are more accepting of new diverse sexual preferences. They are taking time to understand the array of sexual diversity, before they jump in. Thus, our entire reproductive events are slightly delayed then previous generations.

Also, many young people still living at home, are opting to live the single live, and waiting on having a family later in life. So say goodbye to the "hookup culture" reputation. Millennials are waiting longer to "go all the way."

The Takeaway-- Sex is here to stay, but how "important" sex is, but how it's prioritized it forever changing.

"The sex is going to come along, they know that. It's everywhere for them when they want it," Fisher said. "They're choosing not to have this because they're trying to do something else."