Why Women In Their 30’s Are Extremely Attractive


"Thirty, flirty and thriving!"

Say goodbye to the 20s being the peak of your beauty, and say hello to the 30s! A recent study by Allure Magazine found that women were considered to reach the peak of beauty at 30. With signs of aging starting to show at 41, stop looking "sexy" at 53, and a tendency to be viewed as "old" by age 55.

Aside from the survey, women across the U.S. are claiming that a woman's 30s are the golden age of attractiveness for various reasons. There are rites of passage that women get with growing into their 30's. A nice collection of ways that women in their 30s TRULY know what attractiveness is all about.

They have more self control


The 20s are a time of figuring out what you like, and what you don't. If you asked me what I'm up to on a typical weekend, I might have a plan, or I might just end up staying out with friends, going home super late only to jump out of bed and chug some coffee for the next day ahead. I might take a yoga class one week, and try out a Krav Maga the next week. I still don't know what I want and I'm figuring it out.

Women in their 30s know when to say "no" and when to say "yes" because they've experienced what they like and what they don't. They know how to try new things without letting it get in the way of things that are more important. For example: A woman in her 30s might skip drinks with friends on a Wednesday night in favor of going to her favorite exercise class. They learn to keep their priorities at the top, and "me" time is of upmost importance.

They keep their cool


In your 20s, things feel like a big deal. One problem arrises and everything sucks and you are stressing out, calling your mom complaining about what to do and crying on the phone. In your 30s? You've been there, you stressed about something like that before. You KNOW that it's not worth the stress, and you cooly accept the problem and solve it. Ever see a stressed out person and think, "Dang, they look like a hot mess." This happens less in your 30s because you take problems head-on.

Like a good wine, they are are more sophisticated with age


Wine is a complex science. You need to how to properly crush grapes, you have to ferment it the perfect way, add yeast, ferment again, barrel or bottle, potentially age, and more. Basically, we aren't all wine experts. It takes a lot of time and process. But by age 30, you are a wine expert on yourself.

You know just how to manage your body, when to exercise, how much sleep you need, and what type of food works with your body. You have your beauty and body routine down to a SCIENCE. And you've sophisticated the whole process of looking great and feeling great.

Beauty trends are out, they know the classic "look"


When you're young, you like to try the trends. You'll try the latest rainbow hair, bright-turquoise eyeliner, crop-tops, or leather mini-skirt, regardless of how it ACTUALLY looks on you. I can even admit that I've bought things I knew were "cool" knowing full well that the piece of clothing wasn't totally my style. In your 30s, you've already learned from your past beauty mistakes and you know what works and defintiely what doesn't. You've assimilated to what type of outfits, and beauty products work best with your skin, your body type, and your own personal look. You find things that fit "you" instead of the things that are cool for the moment.

They are at the peak of confidence and self-love


Goodbye to the insecure and terrible-20s! Women in their 30s are killing it with the confidence game. In a survey conducted by Special K, it found women hit their peak of confidence at age 31.

In your 30s you feel more comfortable in your own skin because you've had at least 30 years of being yourself. You've learned to do activities that make you happy and confident. And you know how to chose activities, people, and work that promotes self-love and acceptance.


Twentysomethings, don't fear the big 3-0! Embrace and get excited for the most attractive years of your life.

And those in their 30s, you keep on rockin'' it. You are hot stuff.