6 Ways to Power up Your Social Media Photos - Now!

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Want to spice up your social media photos?!

Social media is a visually driven medium for showcasing your art, highlighting your business offerings, or connecting with a broad audience. The key is putting together compelling images that catch the eye and stop someone mid-scroll.

Here are six ways to power up your social media photos with changes you make now!

Revisit the Composition Basics

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Photography is a skill that's developed through research and practice. For many people sharing on social media, photography is a secondary skill, and while technology has evolved dramatically in the past few decades, even the highest quality phone can't save lousy composition.

Take some time to revisit the basics of composition, with an emphasis on lighting, focus, and balance. Remember the importance of the Rule of Thirds. While a close-up selfie has a time and place, creating balance with the background and other elements in the photo is more grabby. It's better to get up close rather than zoom, cropping the image later to avoid pixelation.

If you're shooting with a smartphone, remember to tap on the subject of your photo to ensure they're crisp, clear, and in focus. Use natural light when possible, and manually adjust the light settings on your phone as needed. For the best possible results, use a portable tripod for stability.

Focus on Subtle Edits

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The overpowering Instagram filters and frames from circa 2012 are a thing of the past. Today's viewers want to see realistic imagery. The photo should still feel plausible, even if viewers know it's edited.

Focus on subtle edits to enhance the photo. You can use an app like Facetune to elevate portrait photos by getting rid of flyaways, brightening the eyes and teeth, and removing blemishes. You can also remove distractions from the background, like people at the tourist attraction you're visiting or the sock you forgot to pick up from the floor.

Choose a Consistent Theme

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Choosing an aesthetic can also help you tell a story with your photos and establish a brand. Your aesthetic should tie into the qualities you hope to convey. Do you want your social media to feel dark and moody, rich and colorful, or light and ethereal? Choose a photo editing preset that you can apply to your edits for a quick dose of branding.

You can also incorporate a consistent theme within your photos. For example, you could always wear a pink blazer or blue scarf that promotes your signature style.

Change Up The Angles

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Get creative and play with different angles to add dimension to your feed. Try taking photos from ground level to communicate the enormity of the building you're photographing. Take a photo from above to capture a complete outfit and the surroundings. The goal is to shake things up and see what people respond to.

Practice Posing

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It may seem counterintuitive, but the trick to candid photos is posing practice. Posing feels uncomfortable for many people. By practicing and creating a repertoire of a few looks that you can replicate quickly and comfortably, you'll be able to breathe more life into your social media feed.

Take some time to look through the profiles of your favorite Instagrammers and brands. Save the styles you like, and then practice them with your camera. Don't forget to have fun with this activity and get goofy— that's how you get candid laughter photos.

Use Your Analytics

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The best way to figure out how to improve and whether your improvements are effective is to use your social media analytics. Review your insights and look for common themes among top performers. Use your findings as your style guide and try to replicate the process.

Powering up your social media will look different over time. Stay on top of the trends and get ready to pivot and adapt as the algorithms and user behaviors evolve. Above all else, stay true to yourself and your brand.