What to Wear in East Asia: Packing Checklist and Clothing Tips for Women

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Are you ready for your next vacation to East Asia?

Choosing what to wear remains an uphill task for most ladies, but packing what to wear in East Asia needs extra attention. The region is close to the equator and lies within the tropics. It is warm throughout the year, with average temperatures of about 27 degrees.

You will, however, see people working in the malls and transportation hubs donning winter attire and hoodies. East Asia celebrates air conditioning with zealous enthusiasm, which makes public places cool below comfort thresholds. Here is a guide on what to wear in East Asia and dressing tips for every woman traveling there.

Leave Room to Purchase Clothes Locally

Some souvenirs you can plan to get in East Asia are clothes. Fashion designers from this world crank out outstanding, quirky, and fun clothing pieces like the unique Wa Lolita dress. You can purchase affordable and good-quality cloth items in the area from the colorful markets and boutique shops.

East Asia also has many skilled tailored tailors that will custom make any design you wish to have for a perfect fit. Consider getting a few pieces of the local fashion designs and exclusive outfits in kimono styles to add to your collection. Other fabulous wearables from East Asia are sarongs, T-shirts, hats, thin skirts, beach cover-ups, and sunglasses.

Pick Conservative Clothing

East Asia still upholds conservative dressing for ladies, and skimpy clothes that expose too much skin may make you a target or spectacle. If unsure of the area's customs, go for neutral-colored outfits without political, religious, or sexual themes.

Ensure the outfit of your choice covers your shoulders well, though many tourists do not adhere to the dressing culture. Some places in Bangkok, like the Grand Palace, insist on a conservative dress code. However, you can still rent sarongs at the entrance.

Carry One or Two Warm Items

Though the region is close to the equator and enjoys warm weather, expert travelers in the region attest that the air conditioning cranks cold enough. Have a light jacket that you can conveniently carry in many places, and if possible, get a neutral color. If you plan to take any night buses, a light blanket will help as the ones provided are not very clean.

You can use a long-sleeved item with little insulation as a rain jacket during the wet season. This clothing is also a good way of keeping the sun off when driving scooters that are common in the area.


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An all-purpose pair of flip-flops is the East Asia default footwear. However, whichever style of sandals you opt for, ensure you can easily remove them before entering some establishments. You are safer with fewer buckles and straps for convenience.

Some businesses may require you to leave your shoes at the entrance of the premises. This practice helps keep sand and dirt out and has great cultural significance. You will need to remove your shoes outside when visiting anyone's home or entering a place of prayer.

Since you must remove sandals in most places, avoid investing in expensive footwear. You will find low-cost flip-flops almost everywhere in East Asia, but if you plan to visit upmarket places, carry a light pair of proper shoes.


Most reasonable swimwear will work in East Asia if you do not wear it off the beach. Always cover up if you decide to leave the beachside. You may also want to consider a beach cover-up for protection from the sun and fully cover when walking on the local beaches.


The dressing culture in East Asia for ladies is decent. Clothing that shows off too much skin is considered indecent and offensive. You will enjoy the most colorful range of dressing in this region if vibrant color is your thing. This guide will help you pack only the necessary items and ensure you enjoy your vacation in East Asia to the fullest.